Featured News

  1. GAO: No Fully-Functional State Exchange IT Systems

    Report recommends improvements in CMS oversight of state marketplace IT projects. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  2. Hospital HIE Improving

    According to a recent report, overall communication and data exchange between hospitals has increased in the last year. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  3. Digital Health Center Coming To Denver

    Healthcare partnership has acquired a full city block of land in Denver’s RiNo area. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  4. HIEs Can Reduce Redundant Testing

    Several studies have showed HIEs are a great tool to reduce unnecessary testing. Now a HEALTHeLINK report indicates and impact in the emergency department as well. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  5. Workflow Disrupted By HIT

    The implementation and use of health IT interrupts workflow according to a study from the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  6. Why Healthcare Needs To Rethink Technology Strategies

    Technology is changing the traditional healthcare landscape, creating a need to adapt. By Christine Kern

  7. Healthcare Organizations Have New Tool To Help Meet Cloud Compliance

    Salesforce Shield unwraps compliance and governance services for the Cloud. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  8. Bedside Tech Improves Doctor/Patient Connection

    The use of mobile technology at a patient’s bedside has shown promise in opening lines of communication between doctors and patients. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  9. Leveraging The Cloud For Legacy Healthcare Data

    If you’re swamped by paper records, cramped by on-site storage, or just tired of paper consuming your time, switching to cloud-based records may be the solution for you. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  10. Three-Quarters Of Rhode Island Physicians Don’t Use The State’s HIE

    Report attributes low numbers to lack of computers and interoperability. By Christine Kern, contributing writer