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  • Vendor Neutral Archives And The Public Cloud – Today’s Cure For The Healthcare Industry’s Data “Super-Bug”
    Vendor Neutral Archives And The Public Cloud – Today’s Cure For The Healthcare Industry’s Data “Super-Bug”

    Continuous advances in technology, from diagnostic imaging to payer-provider tracking and analytics software, are a boon for healthcare organizations and the patients they serve. Yet, the exponential explosion in data management and storage requirements that follow can cause quite a headache for the IT department. Add to that, ever-changing and increasingly stringent compliance regulations and you can easily understand why data management and storage has become a “super-bug” in many healthcare organizations.

  • Why Healthcare Underperforms In Cybersecurity: Fractured Operations Environments Challenge Budgets, Staff

    Within the realm of cybersecurity, the healthcare vertical often bears the dubious distinction of being considered the most vulnerable sector to cyberattacks, having the weakest overall cyber defenses. Before categorically accepting these assumptions, the first question we should explore is, “Is this true,” followed quickly with, “If so, then why,” and then, “What should be done about it?”

  • Systems Of Intelligence And The Future Of Healthcare

    Over the last decade, progress toward the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim—improved patient outcomes and increased patient satisfaction, with reduced costs—has been driven by the implementation of systems of record and systems of engagement. Systems of record—predominantly electronic health records (EHRs)—capture the data that healthcare organizations need, while systems of engagement such as mobile monitoring tools, planning and scheduling tools, and patient portals transform the data into actionable information. 

  • HIT: Finding The Right Cloud-Based IT Solution To Overcome Compliance And Security Concerns

    Technology-driven healthcare innovations are emerging at a rapid pace to address quality initiatives and to support reimbursement models using EHR (electronic healthcare records). The complexity of these changes and new requirements can often appear overwhelming from an IT perspective. The need to consider workflow and clinical outcomes at every step of the way further complicates IT planning in the ambulatory environment. We look at top concerns for compliance and security and how cloud-based models can provide an excellent solution.

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, also called electronic medical records (EMRs), are designed to collect and store information about individual patients or populations digitally. Conceptually, the electronic aspect allow then to be shared across healthcare providers, departments, and locations. EHRs and EMRs provide an advantage over paper records by making patient data available instantly in any location and allowing data to be stored and retrieved more efficiently.

EHRs and EMRs can store information, images, scans, and more to provide physicians with a comprehensive view of a patient's medical history, current medications, allergies, immunizations, test and lab results, previous diagnoses, and other relevant information.

In addition to providing patient information, EHRs and EMRs allow providers to better automate and streamline the collection and organization of patient data. Electronic access to patient information allows healthcare organizations to make better decisions, spot trends and outbreaks, manage care quality, and report on outcomes.

EHRs and EMRs can also reduce redundancy and duplicate work, reducing staffing costs and freeing up personnel to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork. This solution center is here to help you in your EHR research and to help you find the best EHR solution for your organization.


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