COVID 19 Coronavirus COVID-19 Communications: Meeting Patients Where They Are

There’s been a spate of good news in recent weeks on the COVID-19 vaccine front that is cause for hope and optimism in the war against the coronavirus. The pace of vaccine production and distribution by the U.S. government has been accelerated, making more doses available to more people sooner. In many states, the prioritized rollout has transitioned from healthcare workers and long-term facility residents to vaccinating adults 70 years of age and up. President Joe Biden has set a goal to administer 100 million shots of the vaccine in his first 100 days in office.

  • Setting The Facts Straight: 3 Common Misconceptions When Applying Automation To The Revenue Cycle

    After an extremely difficult year – one where health systems now face losses projected to exceed $323 billion due to COVID-19 and as much as $200 billion in administrative waste as a result of revenue cycle inefficiencies – providers, now more than ever, are feeling enormous pressure to reduce costs and effectively manage finances. Many organizations are turning to automation technologies to navigate healthcare’s operational challenges and improve outcomes at a lower cost – however, many may be taking a misguided approach that is preventing them from reaching widespread efficacy and justifying the initial cost of investment.

  • Predictive Analytics And AI Trends Impacting Healthcare IT In 2021

    Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics continue to make transformational changes throughout the business world. While healthcare IT is seeing some impacts from AI and machine learning, it lags behind other industry sectors in fully adopting this emerging technology. However, necessity is sometimes the mother of invention, as evidenced by the Coronavirus pandemic still ravaging the planet.

  • Why COVID-19 Is Forcing Us To Axe The Fax And Embrace Technologies Enabling Better Communication Between Providers

    The COVID-19 pandemic is placing immense pressure across the healthcare system and has highlighted the importance of interoperability and streamlined data exchange between stakeholders. In the current healthcare environment, securely communicating data promptly is more important than ever as the nation continues to manage these unprecedented times.



  • 14" - 66" Resilient Wedge Gate Valves With Flanged Ends - Bevel Gear Actuator

    AMERICAN’s 14"-66" Series 2500 ductile iron resilient wedge gate valves are suitable for use in potable water, sewage and fire protection systems.

  • ZRD Hygienic Rotary Valve

    Coperion's ZRD sanitary rotary valves are used in pneumatic conveying systems and for the discharge of powdered and granular materials. The certified versions of the ZRD series of rotary valves are equipped with the innovative and service-proven FXS (Full Access System), which enables easy withdrawal of the rotor, as both end plates can be swung out through an angle of more than 90°, making the interior of the rotary valve fully accessible. The withdrawn rotor can then be readily detached from the end plate.

  • Reduce Complexity in Next Gen Smartphones

    The SkyOne® family of scalable devices integrates high-performance RF and analog content between a smartphone or tablet’s transceiver and antenna. The SkyOne Ultra is comprised of a PA block, separate WCDMA blocks operating in low bands, and a logic control block. It’s ideal for multiband 3G handsets, multiband FDD LTE handsets, and WCDMA/LTE applications.


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  • Leveraging The HHS Cybersecurity Report

    The long-anticipated Report on Improving Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry has been released by the HHS Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Task Force, and with it comes clear, prescriptive recommendations on protecting your organization from the growing risk of cyber-attacks.

  • The True ROI Of SSO And VDI

    To protect PHI, healthcare organizations often build a system of usernames and complex passwords. But why are we still relying on usernames and passwords when solutions such as single sign-on (SSO) have a measurable benefit of giving time back to clinicians, which is everything in healthcare. That time saved –amounting to hours per week – can now be spent with patients, increasing both patient and clinician satisfaction.

  • Improving Patient Outcomes With Smartphones: UW Medicine Valley Medical Center’s Story

    UW Medicine’s Valley Medical Center dramatically improved patient outcomes after moving to a smartphone-based platform for clinical communication and alarm and alert notification.