To Achieve True Innovation In Healthcare, We Must Work Together As An Industry
To Achieve True Innovation In Healthcare, We Must Work Together As An Industry

Healthcare has come a long way since the days of doctors making house calls with their black bags and using hand-written logbooks to manage their practice. Since that time, new technologies have been introduced with the goal of changing every aspect of healthcare — from making practices more efficient to improving diagnostics and supporting development of personalized medicine.

  • How The Future Of Healthcare Operations Will Be Powered By Digital RCM

    Advances in automation, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and industry-ready cognitive capabilities have created a perfect storm that has finally reached RCM. Stuck in technology’s Bronze Age, RCM traditionally has been defined by people-intensive, manual-heavy processes, powered by disconnected operational systems. Digital transformation and related emerging technologies can help transform RCM, and optimize processes for healthcare providers to operate more effectively and efficiently while improving the healthcare experience for patients.

  • Think Outside The Cloud: Is Your Own Data Center A Viable Option?

    There’s considerable diversity among small and midsize healthcare providers, but one challenge they all face is dealing with data processing including invoices, insurance, patient records, internal and external communications, and perhaps social media accounts. What’s the best way to corral all this data in a way that’s accessible, yet secure?

  • Priming Your Practice: Security Protection And Preparedness

    Providers should prioritize the safety of patient health information (PHI) and remain diligent about HIPAA security and privacy regulations, particularly if they want to survive the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) audits. Here’s a look at growing threats and ways medical practices can protect themselves.

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  • Vocera Communications
    Vocera Communications

    Vocera empowers care teams through intelligent, real-time communication. We enable communication and coordination across the patient’s Healthcare experience. Vocera helps care team members reach the right person at the right time, on the right device, with the right information, in the right place, anywhere.


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  • Leveraging The HHS Cybersecurity Report

    The long-anticipated Report on Improving Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry has been released by the HHS Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Task Force, and with it comes clear, prescriptive recommendations on protecting your organization from the growing risk of cyber-attacks.

  • The True ROI Of SSO And VDI
    The True ROI Of SSO And VDI

    To protect PHI, healthcare organizations often build a system of usernames and complex passwords. But why are we still relying on usernames and passwords when solutions such as single sign-on (SSO) have a measurable benefit of giving time back to clinicians, which is everything in healthcare. That time saved –amounting to hours per week – can now be spent with patients, increasing both patient and clinician satisfaction.

  • Improving Patient Outcomes With Smartphones: UW Medicine Valley Medical Center’s Story
    Improving Patient Outcomes With Smartphones: UW Medicine Valley Medical Center’s Story

    UW Medicine’s Valley Medical Center dramatically improved patient outcomes after moving to a smartphone-based platform for clinical communication and alarm and alert notification.

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