Case Study

How Payspan Conquered The Unique Challenges Of NAS Migrations In Healthcare

Advanced Healthcare Data Analytics

Complex unstructured data migration tests healthcare payments company.

Not all data is created equal, and not every tool is up to the task of managing and migrating it.

Take healthcare, for example. The highly sensitive data generated by healthcare transactions must be regulatory compliant and protected by powerful security and privacy controls. Data breaches in healthcare cost more than in any other industry – $6.2 billion annually and rising.

Another issue? Healthcare data is often unstructured. With 90 percent of healthcare providers still leveraging paper and manual processes for collecting data, payers and health plans spend billions of dollars each year managing paper-based payments.

Not surprisingly, healthcare technology companies face serious challenges when it comes to storing, managing, and migrating this complex, unstructured data. Healthcare providers and health plans are looking for timesaving, automated solutions that protect patient information while minimizing costs and streamlining payments. Their technology partners must provide secure, PCI- and HIPAA-compliant data management that can handle complex financial transactions.

Florida-based Payspan is highly qualified in this space. As the nation’s leading provider of automated payment and reimbursement technology solutions, they have a huge network connecting over 650 health plans with 1.3 million provider payees and 107 million consumers – a network that generates a lot of data.

Addressing The NAS Migration Challenge In Healthcare

When Payspan began migrating their sensitive and complex healthcare-related data to a new NAS storage system, they quickly ran into major obstacles: long-running cutover windows, permission problems, and deeply nested directory hierarchies. It was soon clear their internal tools were not equipped to handle the challenge.

With more than a billion small, highly sensitive healthcare files at stake and time running out, Payspan knew they had a crucial decision to make. After researching their options, Payspan chose DobiMigrate as the ideal solution to pinpoint and resolve SAMBA performance issues on the target and get the migration back on track. The Datadobi team faced a complex environment consisting of:

  • 50 TB of sensitive financial data
  • 1,050,810,215 files, some as small as 1 KB
  • 2 source controllers

Although it was a challenging dataset for a NAS-to-NAS migration, the final migration went smoothly – on time and on budget. Using DobiMigrate, they were able to able to block move all the data without the directory structure impeding it and scale the work up and down without losing momentum in completing the project. This was important as they were dealing with production data that would be in use during the scans.

NAS Migrations For Any Enterprise

Having benefited from DobiMigrate’s ease of use, accuracy, and reporting features, it is not surprising that Payspan intends to use Datadobi for future projects. Many other customers tell the same story. That’s because DobiMigrate is purpose-built to handle the complexity of today’s enterprise NAS migration challenges. It’s easy to set up and manage and delivers fast cutovers and short project duration – all with less risk, more speed, and faster ROI.