Feature Articles

  1. Appointment Reminders: An Effective Solution To Promote Appointment Adherence

    Missed appointments result in a lose-lose situation for both provider and patient. A no-show patient means more time rescheduling and longer wait times for other patients who are interested in an appointment, resulting in lower patient satisfaction. It also means higher costs of care delivery, while personnel and equipment go underutilized. Most importantly, missed appointments also negatively affect the health and treatment outcomes of the patient and increase the likelihood of complications and hospital admissions.

  2. How Bright Oaks Pediatrics Provides Patients Quality Pediatric-Specific Experiences

    Improve quality of care through a pediatric specific EHR technology

  3. Reading Hospital Chooses Vocera Collaboration Suite To Enhance Clinical Communication And Collaboration

    Since 1867, the Reading Health System has provided nationally recognized healthcare to southeast Pennsylvania. The Reading Hospital performs 19,000 surgical procedures each year; has specialty centers for oncology, cardiology, and maternity; houses a Level II Trauma Center; and the system includes a state-of-the-art rehabilitation hospital. Its 2014 distinctions include HealthGrades’ Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence and America’s 100 Best Hospital designations in cardiac care, coronary intervention, critical care, pulmonary care, and stroke care.

  4. Halifax Health Ensures Communication Security, Ends Up Reducing Patient Stress And Wait Times

    Halifax Health, the largest medical provider in east central Florida, with two hospitals, 678 licensed beds, a medical staff of 500 physicians, and a group of community care centers, wanted to increase the communication efficiency between clinicians and physicians, with the goal of an overall better experience for patients.

  5. Santa Clara County Hospital Streamlines Environmental Services Workflow, Improves Bed Turnaround Times By Over 50%

    Santa Clara County Hospital Streamlines Environmental Services Workflow, Improves Bed Turnaround Times by over 50%

  6. UAMS Uses Vocera For Fall Prevention And Other Key Processes

    Patients who fall while in the hospital represent a serious health and economic problem. Fall rates in acute care settings are estimated at between approximately two to eighteen falls per 1,000 patient days (totaling more than one million in-patient falls annually in the U.S.), with up to 44% resulting in some degree of injury. Hospital costs for patients who fall without injury are on average $4,200 more than for non-fallers, and injury falls cost upward of $25,000 per incident. Unfortunately, however, hospitals have not had scientifically validated means for predicting which patients are at greatest risk for falling, or for preventing falls.

  7. Experience Beyond Boundaries: The Next-Generation CXO

    How senior leaders in healthcare organizations are building a more humanized healthcare experience.

  8. Relieving Clinician Pain e-Guide

    The Two-Aspirin Headaches of Tomorrow’s Clinicians The Two-Aspirin Headaches of Tomorrow’s Clinicians and how today’s healthcare technologies are already relieving the pain.

  9. It's More Than A Mobile Strategy: Read The CNO Perspective

    “There is no such thing as a small change – of any kind – in a hospital,” said the CNO. -- She had been through what seemed like years of constant change and pushing for adoption of new or updated communication or monitoring technologies in the patient-care environment. The nursing staff was already stressed from all the change.

  10. Vocera Care Rounds Brings Consistency, Accountability To Patient Experience At Genesis HealthCare System

    Genesis HealthCare System is the largest healthcare provider in its six-county region of southeastern Ohio, and offers a higher level of service than is often available in a community of its size—including open-heart surgery, neurosurgery, and comprehensive cancer services. As part of its commitment to delivering the high quality, compassionate patient care for which it has been recognized, Genesis incorporated a new methodology for leader rounding into its clinical workflows.