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Vitality Health Services — The Search For A Secure Place To Store Data

Data Security

Vitality Health Services (VHS), an outpatient chiropractic services clinic in the heart of California’s Bay Area, has been in the business for ten years. The Founder and CEO of Vitality Health, Dr. Rishi Shahani, and his team of health experts use state of the art techniques to help their patients maintain and accelerate a healthy lifestyle.

The business has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years as more patients search for alternatives forms of treatment. VHS has a growing list of patients, including professional athletes from Bay Area teams, such as the Golden State Warriors.

VHS is committed to providing the highest quality of chiropractic care to accelerate the healing of their patients with pre-existing conditions and to prevent future pain.


Technology has rapidly changed the chiropractic industry. Less than 5 years ago, only a handful of large chiropractic practices could afford X-ray machines. With the advancement in radiological equipment technology, the cost of this equipment has decreased significantly. Patients are also asking for a quicker turnaround on X-ray diagnostics, forcing their chiropractic care professionals to invest in this technology located on-premises.

VHS was a pioneer in this field. They were one of the early adopters in acquiring on-premises radiology equipment. However, with a growing list of customers they needed a place to store the large amounts of digital X-rays. They quickly turned to the cloud for their storage needs.

They were sold by their cloud storage provider on the flexibility and pricing. The initial monthly subscription fees were relatively small, however quickly climbed to over $200/month. When VHS decided to migrate their data elsewhere, the vendor was not helpful, which resulted in a time-consuming and frustrating process.

“Cloud storage is not secure enough for our patient’s information,” Shahani said. “It also was becoming expensive. We need a storage solution that is private, easy to use, and allows us to have control of our data.”

They needed a simple storage solution that they could use to securely store and protect their data, and more importantly have complete control over it.


Dr. Rishi Shahani first heard about Drobo through a colleague in the medical profession who had similar frustrations with a pure cloud-based solution.

“I heard good things about Drobo,” Shahani said. “My colleague told me it’s the simplest storage solution in the market and it can backup your whole server, without the privacy concerns of the cloud.”

Shahani decided that the Drobo products were the best options for Vitality Health Services. The Drobo 5 Bay NAS allows the business to securely share patient data and X-rays throughout the office, while providing a backup target for the 5 Bay DAS. The Drobo DAS which attaches directly to the computer, is utilized as the secure storage backup because of the speed.

VHS also maintains a low-cost cloud backup service that is under $100/year for unlimited data. The VHS Drobo storage solution costs less than $2,000 in one-time equipment costs for the first year with an ongoing cost of $100/ year for cloud backup service. Over a 3-year period, the Drobo solution would cost $2,300 vs $7,200. This is a total savings of 70 percent!

“The BeyondRAID technology provides the security, ease-of-use, and flexibility at a price point that we were looking for,” Shahani said.


Vitality Health Services has been running the Drobo storage solution for over 3 months and can now easily and securely share files throughout the office. Their patient data is backed-up and the Drobo solution grows with them as their storage needs increase in the future.

About Vitality Health Services

Vitality Health Services, an outpatient chiropractic service in the Bay Area, needed a place to store their large amount of data and X-rays. The started using a cloud storage provider, however, it was becoming expensive and was not secure enough for their clients’ information. They wanted to have control of their data at a fixed cost.

About Dr. Rishi Shahani

Dr. Shahani, Founder and CEO of Vitality Health Services, is now using the a Drobo 5 Bay Network Attached Storage (NAS) to securely share patient data throughout the office and a Drobo 5 Bay Direct Attached Storage (DAS) to back up his 5 Bay NAS. He has a total savings of 70 percent from switching from the cloud to Drobo.