Latest Headlines

  1. LTC Senior Management To Participate In East Coast Conferences

    LTC Properties, Inc. announced recently that senior management will participate in the Mizuho Global REIT/Real Estate Conference in New York and the JMP Securities Boston Real Estate Forum in Boston.

  2. InnovoCommerce Announces Partnership With Exostar For High Assurance, Single-Sign-On Access To The investigatorFIRST Portal

    InnovoCommerce, - makers of the only clinical and safety document exchange system deployed by multiple global pharmaceutical companies, recently announces a partnership with Exostar, the leading provider of identity management solutions for the life sciences industry.

  3. Biomax Announces Early Adopter Program For NeuroXM

    Biomax Informatics AG announces an early adopter program for its new product, the NeuroXM Brain Science Suite. The NeuroXM suite is a novel technology that standardizes and homogenizes multimodal neuroimaging data sets and increases interoperability of complex brain data in clinics, academic institutions and industry for human brain mapping and patient stratification. 

  4. OneLegacy Announces Record-Setting Month In Organ And Tissue Donation And Transplantation

    Continuing a five-year growth trend that has seen ongoing increases in the number of organ, eye and tissue donors, OneLegacy announced today a new one-month record of organs and tissues recovered and transplanted. 

  5. Cohealo Introduces SaaS Solution For Real-Time Tracking Of Equipment Utilization

    On average, a health system’s medical equipment will sit idle for 58 percent of its lifespan, tying up finite capital planning budgets in redundant purchases that are estimated to be as high as 25 percent of a single hospital’s inventory. 

  6. Aceso Interactive To Implement Interactive Patient Care System For Nantucket Cottage Hospital

    Nantucket Cottage Hospital, (“NCH”), and Boston-based, Aceso Interactive have reached an agreement for Aceso to deploy a healthcare technology solution designed to engage, communicate, and improve the patient and guest experience as well as improve the clinical work flow.  

  7. University Of Central Florida Modernizes IT Infrastructure To Improve Campus Safety With Pivot3 HCI

    Pivot3, the hyperconverged infrastructure performance and technology leader, recently announced that the University of Central Florida has deployed its hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform for more robust video surveillance data protection, improved remote access to sensitive and critical data from any device, streamlined management for all their campus safety and security IT systems, and support for additional datacenter workloads as they grow. 

  8. Georgia Tech To Launch Health Technology Initiative At The Advanced Technology Development Center

    NASCO, a leading provider of information technology products and services designed to help healthcare payers across the United States address unique business challenges and revolutionize business operations, is making a significant commitment to Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) to create a new initiative for entrepreneurs in healthcare-focused technology.

  9. New Study Investigates The Utility Of Masimo SedLine Patient State Index In Monitoring Anesthesia Depth Of Patients With Healthy And Cirrhotic Livers

    Masimo announced recently the findings of an abstract presented at Euroanaesthesia 2018 in which researchers compared Masimo Patient State Index (PSi), a processed EEG parameter provided by SedLine brain function monitoring (in this study, first generation SedLine), to Medtronic Bispectral Index (BIS™) in monitoring the depth of anesthesia of two groups of patients: healthy volunteers undergoing hepatotomy for liver donation and cirrhotic patients undergoing liver resection. 

  10. Lucidea At SLA DPHT 2018 With KM And ILS Apps For Special Librarians In The Healthcare Sector

    Vancouver-based software developer Lucidea will be involved in this year's SLA Conference and INFO-EXPO, starting with SLA’s Division of Pharmaceuticals & Health Technologies (DPHT) on June 9th and 10th at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel, Baltimore MD.