News Feature | July 30, 2015

Healthcare Organizations Have New Tool To Help Meet Cloud Compliance

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Hybrid Cloud Storage: The Best Of Both Worlds

Salesforce Shield unwraps compliance and governance services for the Cloud.

Salesforce has announced the release of Salesforce Shield with drag and drop capabilities that allow healthcare organizations to meet compliance, governance, and regulatory requirements while archiving, encrypting, auditing, or event monitoring in the cloud.

This new capabilities fill a void that existed for healthcare technology. According to IDC, the number of enterprise apps designed for mobile devices is expected to quadruple by 2016. Previously, businesses and healthcare organizations were required to develop or integrate compliance features on their own – or fall behind – compromising innovation and speed.

“Previously, organizations would have to go to multiple vendors to achieve this type of functionality,” a Salesforce spokesperson told Healthcare IT News. “One of the benefits of procuring all capabilities together is that customers do not have to obtain vendor approvals for each product.”

And the new product can also help developers create apps that meet both industry and internal requirements, says consultancy IDC’s platform-as-a-service research manager Larry Carvalho. “Businesses struggle with balancing the speed of innovation that cloud platforms offer with compliance needs due to the lack of tools in existing platforms.”

Genomic Health CIO Paul Aldridge asserts the company is already looking for Shield to “provide a significant contribution to our infrastructure,” as the cancer diagnostic testing company transitions more of its business into the cloud.

“As businesses in regulated industries move more data to the cloud, they need a holistic way of managing and tracking that data,” said Michael Markham, chief technology officer, Conga. “Salesforce Shield lets customers manage their data across apps in the Salesforce ecosystem without having to build or buy additional point solutions for each app.”

As Healthcare IT News pointed out, “With a relatively new developer program focusing on wearable technologies, its Wave analytics platform, high-profile partnerships, and its claim to offer “a panoramic view of the patient,” it’s clear that Salesforce has turned its attention to healthcare.”