News Feature | July 10, 2015

Leveraging The Cloud For Legacy Healthcare Data

Katie Wike

By Katie Wike, contributing writer

Data Governance, Security Concerns Drive Adoption Of Private Cloud Solutions

If you’re swamped by paper records, cramped by on-site storage, or just tired of paper consuming your time, switching to cloud-based records may be the solution for you.

A HIMSS Analytics survey found five of six providers use the cloud in some capacity, most often as a software-as-a-service model. When asked what the greatest benefits of cloud technology were, they responded bolstering technological strength (48 percent), cutting costs (46 percent), and shortening application development windows (45 percent) as the top reasons.

But if you’re part of an organization just getting its feet wet when it comes to the cloud, it can be overwhelming to imagine transferring that huge room of files into off-site cloud storage. Never fear, it can be done.

In fact, small practices are now using cloud-based EHRs and 83 percent of them report it is the biggest trend in physician technology. If your concern is security, note this; while 38 percent of small practices reported moderate to serious security concerns, 92 percent that switched from server-based EHRs to cloud-based systems within the last six months said their concerns of a data breach had lowered.

If you’re considering moving data to the cloud, the upcoming webinar Migrating Legacy Healthcare Data To The Cloud offers expert advice on making the switch. The webinar features panelists Jeremy Steinert, Lead DevOps Engineer at WSM International, Brian Raboin, SVP of Operations at ClearDATA, and Christopher Boone, Chief Executive Officer, Health Data Consortium and will present strategies for migrating legacy healthcare data to the cloud.

Specifically, the webinar we'll address how migrating legacy data to the cloud solves problems such as limited on-site storage, rising IT costs, and compromised time accessing patient records, as well as show how, in the process, data security is improved.

To register for the event, click HERE.