John Oncea

John Oncea

John Oncea is the Editor of RF Globalnet and Photonics Online.


#HIT100 List Unveiled

Created to recognize those who are supporting healthcare information technology through social media, this year’s list of winners includes 37 first-time nominees By John Oncea, editor, Health IT Outcomes

The (Healthcare) Social Network
Social media – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to name but a few – have been impacting healthcare for as long as they have been around. Now, instead of simply using existing social media, healthcare entrepreneurs are developing platforms designed specifically for the industry. By John Oncea, editor, Health IT Outcomes  Continue Reading..
Why Physicians Prefer Apple Over Android
Physicians have revealed in numerous articles the platform of choice when utilizing mobile devices are iPads and iPhones. What is it that makes these Apple products more popular than the Android operating system, and what are physicians using mobile devices for? By John Oncea, editor, Health IT Outcomes  Continue Reading..
  • Is Obamacare Responsible For Demise Of Private Practices?

    Critics of the Affordable Care Act say it is killing off private practices and will add tens of millions to newly created health insurance exchange – far more than the eight million the Obama administration estimates. By John Oncea, editor, Health IT Outcomes

  • What Drives Healthcare Innovation?

    In an op-ed column for the New York Times, Thomas Friedman acknowledges the debate surrounding the Affordable Care Act but focuses on an unexpected benefit of it, writing, “There is one area where the law already appears to be surprising on the upside. And that is the number of health care information start-ups it’s spurring. This is a big deal.” By John Oncea, editor

  • Senator’s Call For Reboot Of EHR Incentive Program Evokes Responses

    The recent white paper released by six Republican Senators assessing federal progress promoting health information technology adoption and standards asked for reader feedback, and the healthcare industry responded. By John Oncea, editor, Health IT Outcomes

  • The Shocking Truth About The Future Of Physician Practices

    A study of physicians reveals profitability is down, EHRs are still a hot topic, and private practices are still around … for now Follow John on Twitter: @buck25