Telehealth Case Studies & White Papers

  1. Cost Fears Not Slowing Wireless Growth In Healthcare

    As healthcare organizations develop strategies to comply with federal mandates and succeed in the new environment, wireless is one of the emerging technologies that can enable organizations to meet their clinical and business objectives, especially in this era of having to do more with a finite set of resources.

  2. Enhance The Quality Of Care, While Reducing Costs

    Read this analyst white paper, Sophisticated Solutions to Optimize Healthcare Delivery, and see how enterprise content management solutions can enable your organization to optimize patient care, reduce the cost of healthcare, and improve clinician satisfaction and overall organizational productivity.

  3. An Israeli Model For Coordinated Care
    This white paper illustrates how Maccabi Healthcare Services, the second largest health maintenance organization in Israel, aligned the proper incentives, processes, and IT assets to deliver coordinated care to more than 1.9 million members.
  4. Telehealth Solution Connects Patients In Rural Nebraska To Quality Care

    For patients in rural communities, geographic isolation can provide a significant barrier to receiving quality, timely care. The problem is especially serious in Nebraska, which is among the most sparsely populated states, with a population density of just 23 people per square mile.

  5. Connected Healthcare: Changing The Way You Design, Build, And Manage Healthcare Environments
    The traditional approach to designing hospital buildings — deploying multiple proprietary networks for voice, video, and data, HVAC, security and access, energy, lighting, fire and safety, and other functions — unnecessarily increases capital costs and operational expenses. When developers and builders replace disparate networks with one simplified, flexible, and scalable IP network and incorporate a ‘connected healthcare’ framework into their buildings, it creates a catalyst for an information utility, while reducing cost and complexity.
  6. Using mHealth To Work Smarter
    A widely used term in the rapidly changing world of mobile technologies for healthcare is mHealth.
  7. 10 Things You Need To Know About Accountable Care Organizations

    Compared to a traditional fee-for-service model, a successful ACO will incentivize cooperation and will lower costs by encouraging quality care rather than generation of volume. This paper defines three different structures for ACOs: integrated, collective, and combination.

  8. Neurologist Finds The Answer Through Mobile Workstation And Telehealth Integration
    This case study outlines how prominent neurologist, Dr. Hamid Rabiee of Shasta Regional Medical Center, is using an integrated telehealth and mobile workstation solution to positively impact everything from patient care to finding the work-life balance that can be critical to physician performance. By Metro Healthcare
  9. Mobile Workstations And Telehealth Improve Rural Stroke Care
    This case study highlights ways rural hospitals can utilize mobile workstations to support telehealth consults at critical moments in patient care, such as in stroke patients, where every second counts.
  10. Mobile Computing - Developing A Mobile Power Strategy
    Power architecture is also a critical issue for workstation performance. Mobile computing workstations can be powered by either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC).