Revenue Cycle Management Case Studies & White Papers

  1. Billing Firm Expands Services And Supports Clients With MicroMD® PM
    The Consult, based in Cincinnati, provides billing services and practice consulting for over fifty medical practices primarily in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, as well as clearinghouse services nationwide. After a lengthy evaluation, The Consult selected MicroMD PM from Henry Schein Medical Systems.
  2. Pediatricians Upgrade Performance, Productivity And Collections With MicroMD® PM
    With care delivery and the health of the practice in mind, Children’s Medical Group decided to replace its UNIX-based practice management system several years ago.
  3. Incident Management In Healthcare: Not Just For Disasters
    During their 2010 Joint Commission audit, Good Samaritan Hospital was able to use and incident management system in two beneficial ways. The survey itself was initiated as an event and the system was utilized as a communication tool throughout. The system was also used during the Emergency Management Standards review in an interactive way to demonstrate how the facility’s Emergency Operations Plan was put into practice. In the end it was one of the best Joint Commission audits in the hospital’s 126 year history.
  4. Community Hospital Uses Dashboards To Increase Revenue Collection
    This case study highlights how Bingham Memorial Hospital leverages electronic dashboard technologies to enhance data visibility across departments, streamline process efficiencies, and improve revenue collection. By iDashboards
  5. Payment Automation Yields Big Benefits For Provider
    This case study explores how a medium-sized provider organization replaced their bank EOB processing system and lockbox with payment automation and experienced big benefits.
  6. Saas Vs. Client-Server Software Applications In Healthcare
    This white paper provides a comprehensive review of the total cost of ownership of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications in healthcare settings.
  7. Workforce Management Wellness Series - Part 3: Improving Hospital Reputation Through Workforce Management
    Hospital organizations that want to improve their reputation must optimize resources – both monetary and human. This white paper illustrates how attracting and retaining good employees with the help of workforce management software can help you achieve this goal.
  8. Patient Billing & Payment: Efficient Technology For Reducing Costs And Accelerating Patient Payments
    Dr. Jeff Robichaud's staff in the Chiropractic Medicine Department of Concord Integrative Health was increasingly burdened by the conventional process for generating and sending patient statements.
  9. Workforce Management Wellness Series - Part 2: The ROI Of A Satisfied Health Care Workforce
    This white paper outlines how investing in workforce management software can help a healthcare facility attract and maintain a skilled and satisfied workforce -- contributing to lower costs, increased revenue, and enhanced patient care in the long run.
  10. Case Study: Baptist Health Systems Simplifies Collection With Online Payment
    This case study highlights how Baptist Health Systems (BHS) reduced the administrative burden associated with manually collecting patient payments by implementing an online patient payment solution that allows BHS patients to pay their medical bills anytime and anywhere using a secure Web browser.