Featured Remote Monitoring Articles

  1. How Remote Patient Monitoring Eases The Transition To Pay-For-Performance

    Remote health monitoring holds great promise and merits increased attention from today’s North American healthcare sector.

  2. Southwestern Vermont Medical Center Turns To Zebra For Reliable 2-D Bar Codes At The Bedside

    An early adopter of healthcare IT, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) began implementing bar coding for bedside medication verification in 2007 as part of its organization-wide initiative to enhance patient safety. By Zebra Technologies

  3. Accountable Care Trends, Strategies, And Best Practices

    Movement within the nation’s healthcare system has been swift and broad-­‐based since the October 2011 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Shared Savings Final Rule.

  4. Providing A Single, Integrated Mobile App And Other Keys To Successful Physician Adoption Of mHealth

    This paper considers the evolution of mobile medical apps and the characteristics of these apps that are most likely to result in broad and sustained physician adoption. Ultimately, full clinical workflow support through a single app that integrates with EMRs and other clinical applications will be required to realize the full benefit of mHealth for both physicians and hospitals.

  5. Reinventing Healthcare For The 21st Century

    Both developed and emerging countries face three global megatrends that will have a crippling impact on their economies and societies if not addressed in the near future.

  6. Cost Fears Not Slowing Wireless Growth In Healthcare

    As healthcare organizations develop strategies to comply with federal mandates and succeed in the new environment, wireless is one of the emerging technologies that can enable organizations to meet their clinical and business objectives, especially in this era of having to do more with a finite set of resources.

  7. Enhance The Quality Of Care, While Reducing Costs

    Read this analyst white paper, Sophisticated Solutions to Optimize Healthcare Delivery, and see how enterprise content management solutions can enable your organization to optimize patient care, reduce the cost of healthcare, and improve clinician satisfaction and overall organizational productivity.

  8. From Customization To Collaboration: Matching Mobile Devices To Clinicians’ Workflow

    This white paper from Intel discusses mobility in the healthcare industry and selecting the right mobile solution.

  9. Manage Wellness And Chronic Conditions For An Ideal Life

    As healthcare costs continue to rise, the population ages and patients are living longer with more (and more serious) conditions, physicians and hospitals are becoming overloaded and individuals and families often feel overwhelmed.

  10. Smartphones For Smarter Health

    BodyMedia makes health maintenance more convenient than ever by delivering data automatically from wearable monitors to a user’s smartphone. A Sprint ID suite of preloaded custom applications also lets users track food intake, assess calorie balance, create personalized workouts and more.