Language Processing Case Studies & White Papers

  1. Samsung Cloud Displays Unlock Efficiencies For Physicians And Accelerate EHR Adoption

    Regulatory requirements and government incentives to improve healthcare quality and efficiency through information technology have prompted healthcare providers to focus on achieving faster EHR adoption by implementing a virtual environment. However, for programs to be successful, the virtual solutions need to help make the work of physicians easier and more productive, while maintaining the reliability and security of patient data.

  2. Getting Right With The Joint Commission: Improve Patient Safety By Ramping Up Emergency Communications

    This white paper from Amcom Software provides information about the Join Commission standards in regard to communications technology. It provides a case for improved communications, strategies for crisis communications plans, an emergency preparedness checklist, and technology solutions for automated event notification and response.

  3. Leveraging Big Data And Analytics In Healthcare

    With the cost of mapping an individual human genome poised to break the $1,000 barrier – bringing personalized medicine closer to reality – the healthcare and life sciences industries are now grappling with managing the explosive growth of data.

  4. Swedish Reduces Transcription Costs, Achieves 100% Adoption Of EMR

    This case study from Nuance takes a look at Swedish, the largest nonprofit healthcare provider in the greater Seattle Area. Swedish operates five hospital campuses, two ambulatory care centers with ERs, and a network of more than 100 specialty-care and primary care clinics.

  5. From Customization To Collaboration: Matching Mobile Devices To Clinicians’ Workflow

    This white paper from Intel discusses mobility in the healthcare industry and selecting the right mobile solution.

  6. Advocated Illinois Cuts Its Transcription Costs 70%, Driving Further EHR Adoption

    This case study describes how Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center saved more than 70% on outsourced transcription and more than 50% in net transcription costs within the first ten months of installation.

  7. The 2013 ICD-10 Mandate Can Be An Opportunity For Cost Savings Today
    The brewing ICD-10 storm will quadruple the number of codes, and while preparation for this mandated transition may seem extremely daunting to coders, proactive facilities are finding ways to cash in on cost savings spawned by ICD-10 today.
  8. Managing Paper Patient Records In A Clinical Practice
    This white paper shares the results of a study designed to explore and understand the implications raised by the slower than expected uptake of EHR in the clinical operations of outpatient providers.
  9. Remote Scribes Put The ROI In EHRs

    By removing the data entry burden from physicians and placing it on remotely located scribes, ENT Specialists of Northwestern Pennsylvania has avoided the productivity dips commonly associated with EHR adoption and has actually increased patient volumes and overall revenue. By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Health IT Outcomes

  10. The Price Of Quality: Managing Cost-Effective Clinical Documentation
    This white paper takes a comprehensive look at the strengths and weaknesses of traditional transcription services, speech recognition solutions, and point-and-click software systems in terms of producing cost-effective and accurate clinical documentation. Dale Kivi, FutureNet Technology Corporation