Magazine Issue | February 11, 2016

January/February/March 2016 HITO Issue

Source: Health IT Outcomes

From The Editor

Are Patients Going To Fix The Interoperability Problem?

In our last issue, readers identified HIE/interoperability as the third most pressing health IT trend for 2016. Guest writer, Dr. Donald Voltz, noted the current lack of interoperability adversely impacts patient care and leads to unintended clinical consequences.

Cover Feature

A Road Map To Accelerating  Health IT Value And Innovation

Health IT is in a state of constant evolution, and it often seems that, for every problem solved, another is created. That’s why it’s vital we stop to assess where the industry stands from time to time, as well as look to the future to determine the best course to take to achieve our collective goals.

Case Studies

Saving Time, Cost In The Cloud

A cloud-based time and attendance solution has reduced IT support costs and improved staffing processes at Saint Mary’s Hospital.

Redesigning Wireless For Success

Boston Medical Center reduces support costs and adds functionality with a wireless LAN upgrade.

EHR Replacement: Focus On The Process

Replacing your EHR can be a scary proposition. You can simplify the process by considering your revenue cycle management tools when planning and implementing.

Cloud Procurement Saves Healthcare Group $5.5 Million

Avalon Health Care Group reduced costs and gained budget visibility by deploying an automated procurement solution.

OhioHealth Telemedicine Program Drives Better Outcomes

Transporting patients by medevac helicopter can save lives when moments count, but it’s not always necessary. Telemedicine allows specialists to provide immediate and effective care for patients in remote locations who may otherwise have required an airlift.

Video Interpreting Improves Patient Care

Northeast Georgia Health System has improved patient communication and saved money using on-demand video interpreting services.


How To Overcome Interoperability Barriers And Deliver Better Care

When announcing the goal of interoperability by 2024, HHS said the flow of information is fundamental. While many share this sentiment, significant barriers remain to improving interoperability at many healthcare organizations.

Medical Moneyball — What Healthcare Stands To Learn From The Oakland A’s

With all the talk of Big Data, there are still big questions as to how to most effectively leverage information and data to make a positive impact on healthcare delivery, cost, and outcomes. One health system leader thinks an approach developed by a Major League baseball team might be a game changer.

Payment, Claims Solutions Act As ‘Game Changers’

STAR Physical Therapy needed to do something to help patients deal with higher deductibles and multiple-treatment care plans. What they found reduced both the A/R backlog and paper statement usage.


Expand Patient Engagement  With Telemedicine

Telemedicine offers a clear opportunity for healthcare providers to connect with patients in cost-effective, efficient, and engaging ways. Yet while telemedicine continues to grow, challenges to widespread adoption remain.