Telehealth From The Editor

  1. Can Entrepreneurs Save Healthcare?

    I love to hear Jonathan Bush speak. Say what you will about his agenda as president and CEO of EHR vendor athenahealth, but the guy is a charismatic, passionate, and persuasive public speaker. When you hear Bush give a keynote, it’s clear he’s inherited much of the political swagger that runs in his bloodline (former president George H.W. Bush is his uncle and George W. Bush is his cousin).

  2. Mobile Carts Must Evolve Or Die

    With tablet computers and smartphones quickly becoming the new “mobile darlings” in healthcare, COWs (computers on wheels) need to up their game to provide the value needed by today’s healthcare provider. By Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief

  3. Let The HIMSSanity Begin!

    I can’t take credit for the term “HIMSSanity.” I first saw it on an infographic that CDW published last week. However, it’s a perfect term to describe what the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition has become. In an economy that has taken its toll on several trade shows and events, HIMSS continues to grow stronger.

  4. 4 IT Tools To Fight The Flu Epidemic

    We’re currently in the middle of one of the worst flu seasons on record. What role can technology play to not only support the treatment of sick patients, but prevent future outbreaks?

  5. My Top 3 mHealth Benefits

    The mHealth trend is upon us and a lot of excitement and concern surrounds leveraging mobile technologies to transmit and access clinical data. In this article, Editor In Chief Ken Congdon focuses on the good, and outlines his top 3 benefits of mHealth adoption. By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Health IT Outcomes

  6. Vive La Mobile Revolution!

    This article takes a closer look at how demand for mobile technologies is growing in a health IT world focused on EHR adoption and Meaningful Use. By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Health IT Outcomes

  7. Obamacare On Trial: The Potential Repercussions For Health IT

    Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as the healthcare reform law, or Obamacare) unconstitutional? Can the federal government require us to purchase a product (health insurance), or is this an infringement on our personal freedom? By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Health IT Outcomes

  8. The Potential Impact Of 4G On Healthcare
    By now, most of you have probably seen television commercials from cellular carriers or smartphone manufacturers that tout the benefits of new 4G cellular broadband networks. Today, this fourth generation of cellular wireless standards can achieve download speeds upwards of 10 Mbps, with even higher speeds expected for the future. By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Health IT Outcomes
  9. Robots Invade Telemedicine
    As consumers in the age of infomercials, many of you have probably seen television spots for the Roomba — a robotic vacuum cleaner that automatically sweeps the floor without the aid of a human operator. By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Health IT Outcomes
  10. If Not Obamacare, Then What?

    As the title would indicate, I’m about to write another one of those politically charged opinion columns that always seem to get me in hot water with a large portion of our readership. The topic? Healthcare reform. By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Health IT Outcomes