HITO Contributed Editorial

  1. 3 Ways Cloud Faxing Is HIPAA Compliant

    Faxing is still an approved way of transmitting sensitive data and, if you haven’t guessed it by now, is still widely used in healthcare. Despite what you think of it as a technology, faxing is reliable and something medical offices are comfortable using.

  2. The Internet of Things In Healthcare

    The world of healthcare IT is well immersed in the Internet of Things (IoT). By Eileen Haggerty, senior director enterprise business operations, NETSCOUT

  3. More Than Price Transparency: Patients Need Information Transparency

    Most patients find it difficult to locate timely, accurate, and complete health data. Yet data is exactly what they need now that they must make health decisions they’ve never had to before. By Tate McDaniel, SVP, engagement solutions, Change Healthcare

  4. Your Secret Weapon For Effective Data Analytics Isn’t What You Think It Is

    Healthcare organizations know how to move mountains with limited resources — particularly IT resources. Hospitals, medical research firms, biopharmaceutical companies, and more work to deliver outstanding patient care, drive breakthroughs in the field, and jump hurdles in real time as they arise. By Ellen Rubin, CEO and co-founder, ClearSky Data

  5. Tech Can Solve A Stubborn Problem: Medication Adherence

    Despite the healthcare ecosystem’s push for transparency, there remains a shroud of secrecy around one ubiquitous healthcare treatment tool: prescription drugs. By Thomas Borzilleri, CEO, InteliSys Health

  6. Predictive Analytics Improve Perioperative Performance And Financial Gains

    Hospitals and health systems today face significant margin pressures. By Jason Harber, vice president of product management, Hospital IQ

  7. 5 Mistakes People Make With Analytics

    It’s a brave new world of analytics, but what does that mean for healthcare organizations? Healthcare data is crucial to enhancing patient care and outcomes. By Will Israel, SSI Group

  8. NLP, AI, And Machine Learning: Complementary Technologies For Advancing Patient Care

    For the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) — especially natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning — has been a hot topic in healthcare as vendors, researchers, and providers consider ways to leverage technology to transform medical research and clinical care. By Simon Beaulah, Senior Director of Healthcare, Linguamatics

  9. 5 Ways To Protect Sensitive Healthcare Data

    The number of ransomware emails jumped 6,000 percent between 2015 and 2016, per an IBM Security study. To put that into perspective, SonicWall reports there were 3.8 million ransomware attacks in 2015 and over 638 million in 2016. By John Harris, chief technology officer, SIGNiX

  10. Urgency To Act: What You Need To Know From The $155M eClinicalWorks-DOJ Settlement

    The $155M settlement reached between DOJ and eClinicalWorks (eCW) is the largest False Claims Act recovery in the state of Vermont and the first of its kind for the government to hold an EHR vendor accountable for failing to meet federal certification standards. By Sulaiman H. Sulaiman, CIO and chief consulting officer, iMethods