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  1. Is Your Digital Health Strategy Thriving, Surviving Or Non-Existent?

    5 Key Steps Companies Can Take to Start or Accelerate Their Digital Health Strategy.

  2. 3 Reasons You Need To Be Using Your Patient Surveys And Tips For Doing It Better!

    Have you ever had a patient post a negative review about your services? Did you then wonder why they hadn’t talked to you first about the issue they were having so you could resolve it before they lashed out? Fortunately, there is a simple way to drastically improve your chances of addressing the issue before it escalates that far.

  3. Steps To Effectively Manage Payer Contracts

    Simple steps to effectively manage revolving payer contracts at your facility.

  4. Office 365—Are You Ready?

    We get it. Office 365 is a significant change for any organization. So PC Connection, Inc. built our own set of tools and templates to help you make this important decision. These complimentary tools help with every aspect of the decision, from licensing to financial analysis to cost justification–with no strings attached. Hundreds of customers have turned to us for advice, and in every case it’s been a collaborative journey. The PC Connection, Inc. family of companies of PC Connection, GovConnection, and MoreDirect are ready to help you.

  5. Integrated Clinical And Financial Analytics Identifies And Quantifies Opportunities To Reduce Costs

    Combining clinical and financial data to identify significant cost reductions.

  6. Zebra Printers And Wristbands Help Improve Patient Safety And Automate The Identification Process At Valencia Hospital

    As science and technology progresses, one of the biggest challenges is to reduce hospital errors as much as possible. As soon as the patient is admitted to hospital, the various processes and the intervention at different levels by medical professionals (from paramedics, nurses and doctors, to administration and laboratory staff), all increase the risk of mistakes being made. For this reason, automatic patient identification (patient ID) has become significantly important in hospitals, where it succeeds in reducing errors virtually to zero.

  7. Advanced Data Extraction Delivers Tangible Results Required For Improved Interoperability

    As interoperability becomes increasingly important, healthcare organizations must adapt their processes to be smarter.