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  1. HIMSS16 Mobility Experts Weigh In: #1 Tip For Successful Wearable's Initiative

    Please raise your hand if you’ve ever been told “Hey, someone just purchased a new app or device for the clinicians!” without ever being approached to see if the network can handle it or if there is sufficient Wi-Fi coverage?

  2. HIMSS16: How The M&A Boom Is Changing Health IT

    With HIMSS 2016 underway, a key topic of conversation centers on mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Last year, large industry-leading deals characterized healthcare M&A with announcements form Aetna and Humana, Anthem and Cigna, and a large, nationwide movement of private practice acquisitions by hospitals and healthcare systems.

  3. Will The Disconnected Find Interoperability At HIMSS 2016? 5 Scenarios For Action!

    With the yearly bluster and promise of HIMSS, I still find there have been few strides in solving interoperability. Many speakers will extol the next big thing in healthcare system connectivity and large EHR vendors will swear their size fits all and with the wave of video demo, interoperability is declared cured. Long live proprietary solutions, down with system integration and collaboration. Healthcare IT, reborn into the latest vendor initiative, costing billions of dollars, and who knows how many thousands of lives.

  4. Real-Time Patient Care Demands More Than EMRs Can Deliver

    A breakthrough path to predicting sepsis.

  5. What Makes Care Intelligent?

    In just a few days, more than 40,000 healthcare professionals will gather in Las Vegas for HIMSS 2016. Looking back over the last several years of this conference, there’s been a distinct shift in the conversation, from discussions centered around documentation and electronic record keeping to a thematic focus on intelligent care. A mere glance at the top five priorities from health IT leaders shows that issues like connected health, data sharing and on-demand care delivery are salient issues for our industry.

  6. Enabling A Consumer eHealth Ecosystem With A Continuum of Connectivity

    Consumer eHealth is empowering consumers through apps, social media, portals, medical devices, and other means to better manage and influence their health and wellness, access healthcare services, and improve workflows with their caregivers. In combination with mobile health (mHealth) modalities oriented around digital healthcare technologies, such as clinical diagnostics and electronic health record systems, and virtual health capabilities as exemplified by live, asynchronous clinical visits to a healthcare organization, this potent trifecta has the potential to fundamentally create a truly patient-centric ecosystem of health and wellness services. By Eric Abbott, director of product management and health facility technology, ExteNet Systems

  7. 6 Tech Trends To Watch For At HIMSS16

    Healthcare professionals across the country are preparing to converge upon Las Vegas for the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, the biggest healthcare information technology gathering of the year. The conference agenda is chock full of more than 300 education sessions on topics of interest from population health to business intelligence to patient engagement to privacy and security, setting the stage to discuss major 2016 trends. By Vinil Menon, Chief Technology Officer, CitiusTech

  8. It Begins With Patient ID

    At HIMSS16, Zebra will debut a series of solution sets that will deliver identity solutions that improve patient care.

  9. Practices See Membership Models As One Piece Of Future Success

    Healthcare reimbursement is changing, and independent practices are looking at different payment models to help them stay successful. Some are adding services like telemedicine. Others are joining forces through accountable care organizations (ACOs) and independent physician associations (IPAs). While still others are testing and using membership models like direct primary care (DPC) and concierge.

  10. Driving Down Costs, Improving Quality With Population Health

    Population health has gone from concept to buzzword over the past five years, and now it is maturing into a must have technology. There are as many implementation strategies as there are definitions which is why we sat down with Martha Thorne, Allscripts Senior Vice President and General Manager, Population Health for a discussion about population health.