What Drives The Selection Of A Voice Solution

Source: Health IT Outcomes

Health IT Outcomes visited Butler Memorial Hospital to speak with A. Thomas McGill, MD, VP, quality and safety/CIO, about Butler Health System’s implementation of VoiceFirst by Honeywell.

McGill speaks to the reasons Butler chose VoiceFirst in this video. From what the technology offered to how it was a natural fit for the System.

Butler wanted to realize a productivity improvement in its physical therapy department, where assessments and progress visits involve detailed documentation. Specifically, the hospital wanted to free PTs from keyboard data entry and computer screens that often forced them to turn their backs to patients and the informatics staff and clinicians wanted the ability to collect more accurate and complete data during detailed PT treatments.

Butler Health System opted to implement the VoiceFirst solution, a process that followed a one-day, onsite observation of the therapist workflow. Following two weeks of onsite testing, the first user was trained in 20 minutes.

Since the implementation, PTs complete progress note documentation in 50 percent less time with EMR voice overlay than with keyboard entry; documentation occurs at the point of care, in real time, improving productivity, because PTs can transition directly to the next patient without stopping to enter data into the EMR after the visit; progress notes are more accurate and complete because they are entered while working with patients; and Butler Health System has more quantitative data available for process improvement analysis.

To see more videos about Butler’s VoiceFirst implementation, visit its “On The Road” page and read a Case Study about it here.

About Butler Health System

Butler Health System’s flagship – Butler Memorial Hospital – was founded in 1898. Over the years, its success as an organization has fostered growth. Butler Health System (BHS) now employs nearly 2,000 professionals at nearly 30 locations throughout the region. Its commitment for more than a century has remained the same – provide the highest level of care, with the patient’s best interest at the center of every decision.