Technological Innovations Keep Workers Safe While Compounding Hazardous Materials
Technological Innovations Keep Workers Safe While Compounding Hazardous Materials

Equashield introduces new robot with CSTD to protect workers preparing chemo drugs. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

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  • Purchased Services Are An Untapped Cost Savings Opportunity
    Purchased Services Are An Untapped Cost Savings Opportunity

    Laundry, food, marketing, telecom, and the hundreds of other purchased services that health systems spend billions of dollars on each year rarely get as much attention as medical/surgical and physician-preference supplies when it comes to evaluating savings opportunities. By Chris Heckler, CEO, Valify

  • GAO Report On Privacy And Security: A Wake-Up Call For HHS?
    GAO Report On Privacy And Security: A Wake-Up Call For HHS?

    Latest cyber-attacks show it’s time to mandate adoption of identity management, cybersecurity practices to better protect PHI. By Michael Magrath, Director of Business Development, Healthcare, VASCO Data Security

  • Picking The Right Data Tools Is Key To Success In Value-Based Care
    Picking The Right Data Tools Is Key To Success In Value-Based Care

    Value-based healthcare is patient-centric, meaning how patients feel about their own conditions — including quality of life and care satisfaction — should be integral parts of their healthcare data set. By Andrew Clement is the director of operations at OBERD

  • As Patient Cost Shifting Rises, Are You Prepared To Manage The Process?
    As Patient Cost Shifting Rises, Are You Prepared To Manage The Process?

    Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the lifeblood of any healthcare provider; however, inefficient workflows, poor training, frequent staff turnover, and the lack of actionable intelligence can lead to providers leaving revenue uncollected. Now there’s a growing trend affecting RCM — the cost shift to patients. By Leonard Wenyon, Vice President of Solutions at IKS Health

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  • Compliance Isn’t Enough: Improving Governance, Risk Management, Compliance

    Change is the new normal in healthcare, which can come in many forms. Mergers and acquisitions, the formation of accountable care organizations and clinically integrated networks, having new groups of physicians arrive at a teaching hospital, or even the replacement of an EMR are just a few examples.

  • How Bundled Payments Is Driving Care Transformation And Patient Engagement

    Bundled payments was one of the most discussed topics at the recent Caradigm Customer Summit, our annual gathering of industry leaders to share best practices in population health and information security.

  • MACRA Final Rule: Empowering Physicians And Health IT

    It’s the moment that Medicare Part B clinicians and healthcare administrators have been waiting for. The final release of the MACRA Quality Payment Program! Health & Human Services released the rule amidst much publicity, a response to thousands of comments and industry feedback throughout the year.

  • Can MACRA And MIPS Move The Needle For Healthcare Analytics?

    The Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) draft has become a novel I can’t put down. Its 962 digital pages tell a compelling story on the future of healthcare metrics. One narrative I follow in particular, is the next generation of quality measurement that shifts the focus of healthcare analytics to the reporting of patient outcomes.

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  • Solutionreach Inc.
    Solutionreach Inc.

    Solutionreach is a cloud-based platform built upon patient engagement technology, designed to help healthcare professionals eliminate the communication gaps that occur between their practice and their patients. The tools and services included with the platform focus on maintaining engaged relationships with each patient, all throughout the continuum of care.

  • Caradigm

    Caradigm is a population health company dedicated to helping organizations improve care, reduce costs and manage risk. Caradigm analytics solutions provide insight into patients, populations and performance, enabling healthcare organizations to understand their clinical and financial risk and identify the actions needed to address it. Caradigm population health solutions enable teams to deliver the appropriate care to patients through effective coordination and patient engagement, helping to improve outcomes and financial results.

  • Connection

    Connection has been trusted for more than 35 years to connect people with technology that enhances growth, elevates productivity, and empowers innovation. As a National Solutions Provider, our team includes experts who specialize in customized services and solutions for the healthcare market.


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  • How To Manage The True Process Of Care

    Rapidly changing market dynamics have triggered a significant paradigm shift in healthcare organizations. Forward-thinking leaders embrace a dynamic process-of-care approach to improve patient experience and outcomes, replacing the more traditional point-of-care mindset.

  • 5 Risks Hospitals Face When Using The Public Cloud (And How To Overcome Them)

    Savvy healthcare organizations in need of greater IT infrastructure agility, performance, security, and compliance are exploring the benefits of public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The allure of on-demand cloud services combined with advances in cloud security have transformed the healthcare IT mindset from “Why move to the public cloud?” to “What should we move, how do we do it?”

  • 5 EMR/HIS Migration Secrets All Department Leaders Must Know

    Hear from Kathleen Kosztowny, an experienced project management consultant for EMR & HIS systems, as she shares the challenges one healthcare organization faced, the ‘decision tree’ which resulted, and how automation enabled a successful EMR/HIS migration.

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