The Community Hospital Health IT Road Map

What better way for community hospital leaders to receive guidance on their healthcare IT initiatives than from peers that have already successfully implemented systems in these areas? That's exactly the type of information you will find in The Community Hospital Health IT Roadmap. Health IT Outcomes's editors have compiled several roundtable articles, Q&As, and case studies featuring leaders (e.g. CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, etc.) from community hospitals throughout the United States. These articles chronicle the implementation strategies and best practices deployed by these model facilities, providing other community hospitals with much needed direction on how to optimize their own IT initiatives.

Editorial Opinion
Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief, Health IT OutcomesIT Key To Community Hospital Sustainability
As recently as five years ago, it seemed that investment in health IT systems was an activity reserved for larger hospitals and IDNs. Many small to midsize community hospitals, by contrast, still relied heavily on paper systems and manual processes. However, in recent years, community hospitals have become some of the most active buyers of health IT in the industry.

Case Studies

The Secrets Of Successful Patient Engagement

Florida Hospital Celebration Health credits the right mix of process change and technology for a patient engagement effort that has resulted in improved staff communication and patient pain control.

Integrated EHR Transforms Community Hospital Operations

When Iowa’s Henry County Health Center implemented an integrated EHR solution, its days in AR decreased from 110 to 38.

Lean Healthcare Drives Community Hospital ER Performance

A new patient documentation solution was central to a lean movement in the ER of Good Samaritan Hospital that decreased average door-to-doctor times and length of stay, while reducing staff overtime.

Forms Automation Provides Pathway To Digital Documentation

Kalispell Regional Medical Center improved its clinical workflow and prepared itself for a digital transition with an on-demand form output solution.


EHR Success On A Community Hospital Budget

Community hospitals have unique financial and IT resource limitations that can make an EHR implementation more challenging. Representatives from three community hospitals share their tips for success.


Get A Mobile Medication Administration Makeover

While it may not be the sexiest mobile application, North York General Hospital says closed-loop medication administration delivers immediate patient benefits that can provide hospitals with a solid foundation for ongoing quality care.

Achieving Meaningful Use: A How-To Guide For Community Hospitals

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center implemented an electronic health record (EHR) solution to improve the quality of patient care and ended up achieving the first stage of Meaningful Use.

Optimize The Revenue Cycle To Achieve Savings

By implementing a revenue cycle management (RCM) solution, Conway Medical Center reduced its downtime to almost zero, and maintenance concerns no longer plague the IT staff.