Magazine Issue | November 10, 2011

The Community Hospital Health IT Road Map


Citical Content: Fronline Advice For Optimizing Health Data & Payment Workflows

What better way for community hospital leaders to receive guidance on their healthcare IT initiatives than from peers that have already successfully implemented systems in these areas? That’s exactly the type of information you will find in The Community Hospital Health IT Roadmap. Health IT Outcomes’s editors have interviewed CEOs, presidents, COOs, CIS, VPs, CMOs, IT directors, clinical leaders, and other key personnel from some of the nations’ leading community hospitals to uncover their current IT projects, strategies, best practices, and lessons learned for this special edition.


From The Editors:
Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief, Health IT Outcomes Health IT: Not Just For The Big Guys
Community hospitals are ripe for health IT investments, but content focused on their unique challenges is key.
Vicki Amendola, Editor, Health IT Outcomes Partnership & Prioritization Are Key For Community Hospitals
Managing multiple IT projects can be difficult for community hospitals, but prioritizing appropriately and extending partner networks can help.

Case Studies:
Keep Tabs On Community Hospital Assets With RTLS
Flower Hospital prevents the loss and hoarding of wheelchairs, pumps, and mattress pads with an RTLS (real-time location system).

Achieve Award-Winning Wireless Communication
The comprehensive wireless communication solution at Maple Grove Hospital enables life-saving efficiency that scores big with both patients and providers.
When EMR Is Not Enough
Integrated document management enables Princeton Community Hospital to condense document deficiency corrections from weeks to days.

Replace Outdated Storage To Accelerate Data Retrieval
80-bed Angel Medical Center cut data retrieval time from minutes to seconds and ensured data redundancy with a new archive solution.

Industry Roundtables:
The Community Hospital's Guide To Meaningful Use
Leaders from six community hospitals throughout the U.S. highlight their EHR Meaningful Use strategies, progress, and best practices.
ACO Uncertainty In The Community Hospital
Community hospital executives have mixed feelings about accountable care attainability.
Community Healthcare Mobility: Benefits Outweigh Challenges
Community hospital IT leaders discuss the challenges and advantages of pursuing wireless and mobility solutions in their facilities.

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