Article | October 19, 2018

Measurable Improvement To Hospital Communications – Pediatric Quality & Safety Article

Source: Vocera Communications

By Kathy English, Vocera

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recently released article in the Journal of Pediatric Quality and Safety shows the independent research results of an observational study on how to reduce the time nurses and physicians spend on communication tasks that take them away from patient care in a critical care environment.

The journal article details how Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital reduced:

  • The time for roaming staff to respond to verbal queries from 120 to 9 seconds
  • The time to connect incoming phone calls from 35 to 11 seconds
  • The rate of staff-initiated emergency events from 2.17 to 1.69 per 100 occupied bed days

The article was published by Dr. Adrian C. Plunkett, Consultant Intensivist at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

In this short video, watch Dr. Plunkett and his team demonstrate their use of the solution that helped them achieve these results: