Article | October 19, 2018

Informed Hope: Hardwiring Compassion In Healthcare

Source: Vocera Communications

By M. Bridget Duffy, Vocera

Do New Standards Make It Easier To Involve Patients In Research?

Innovation on the human experience is a key driver for improving patient care and satisfaction

With the growing number of “check lists” and mounting pressures to improve quality, safety, efficiency and performance, it is easy for healthcare providers to lose sight of an essential part of medicine – compassion.

Addressing a patient’s fears, concerns and emotional needs is just as important as achieving a good technical outcome. In fact, studies have shown that innovation on the human experience vs. customer service training, is a key driver for improved patient care and satisfaction, as well as restoring joy to the practice of medicine.

Therefore, it is critical that nurses, doctors and other healthcare providers preserve human-to-human connections with patients and design new clinical standards of care that restore humanity back to healthcare.