Case Study

Improving Patient Experience And Employee Engagement At University Of Chicago Medicine

Source: Vocera Communications

By Sue Murphy, Vocera

Patient Experience

Susan Murphy, RN, BSN, MS, Chief Experience Officer, University of Chicago Medicine, is the recipient of the Kate Granger Compassionate Care Award that will be presented at the HIMSS18 Nursing Symposium in Las Vegas. She and her team recently shared how their iPad rounding process helps enable a better patient experience and stronger employee engagement in this video.

At University of Chicago Medicine, we’ve been on a journey to make our experience match our science. One of the key efforts on that journey was to introduce iPad-based rounding as a tool to help nurse leaders identify and solve any patient or family concerns quickly and efficiently, as well as to recognize nurses and other staff members for excellence. We also wanted to capture patient comments in a way that would help inform system-level improvement efforts.

Starting with “Why”

As a nurse myself, I knew we couldn’t just tell our nurse leaders, “Here are some iPads, here’s what we need you to do, go out and get some patient comments.” Nurse leaders have a lot of responsibilities, and they have to deal with a lot of competing priorities. We went out and spent time with them to understand their work, to help them understand the value of iPad-based rounding for them and their teams, and to find ways we could work with them to make this approach as valuable as possible.