Health IT Outcomes Webinars

  1. Boost Self-Pay Collections With Health Data Analytics

    One of the biggest challenges facing hospital financial executives is formulating a self-pay revenue cycle strategy. This is particularly true given the far-reaching effects of the Affordable Care Act. The self-pay patient population has changed. Although fewer patients are now uninsured, high deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses leave hospitals with rising self-pay receivables.

  2. Building A "Clinical Grade" Wireless Network

    In the Health IT Outcomes reader survey to identify the top health IT trends for 2014, wireless networking finished as one of the 10 most important IT initiatives. This webinar outlined the specific needs of clinical environments and defined the proper way to design a wireless network for a healthcare setting. Presenters also discussed how Barnabas Health benefitted from a unique wireless design approach.

  3. Benefits From The Experts - Implementing Mobility In Healthcare

    Healthcare is about people – but it is also about data. A lot of data. The right mobile solution can make data management easier, more efficient and more effective.

  4. Transforming Care Transition To Improve Outcomes & Reduce Costs

    As the care continuum increasingly expands to settings outside hospital walls, providers and payers alike are seeking better ways to coordinate patient care transitions to drive improved outcomes and satisfaction, while eliminating wasted time and unnecessary services.

  5. Improving Core Measures With Evidence-Based Order Sets

    In this webinar, learn how to leverage electronic, evidence-based order sets embedded with clinical decision support functions that specifically target potential areas of weakness. By providing physicians with direct access to supporting medical evidence, order sets drive adoption of best practices that influence both core measures performance and quality metrics.

  6. Importance Of eSignature Solutions For Healthcare Organizations Webinar

    FormFast, a leading provider of enterprise workflow solutions, announces a free Webinar that will examine how eSignature solutions can dramatically improve the efficiency and security of hospital consent processes.

  7. Cutting Through the Hype: Evaluating Tablet PCs for Point-of-Care Productivity
    Tablet PCs are more popular than ever. They're mobile, powerful and proven to help clinicians do their jobs better and more efficiently.