Health IT News Features

  1. Digital Whiteboards Now Outshine Marker Boards In All Areas Including Costs

    New study shows 100-bed hospital saves hundreds of thousands switching to digital whiteboards.

  2. Breaches Are All Over The Place. And, So Is Your Cybersecurity Tech Stack

    Healthcare systems have built out increasingly complex and overlapping technology stacks. For many years, the focus has been on electronic health records (EHR) systems – how to streamline solutions and achieve interoperability. But, in 2019, the industry needs to turn its attention to cybersecurity solutions.

  3. How The Decentralized Web Will Drive Innovation In The Healthcare Industry

    Whether you are a practitioner, provider or payer, digital health startup, Big Pharma or tech vendor, the time to start exploring the decentralized web is now. Because by this time next year, its material impact on patient experiences, medical discovery and innovation will have begun - and we can as an industry focus less on the burdens and liability of data privacy.

  4. Understanding And Embracing The Future Of Work

    There are four dimensions of the future of work. Often interpreted as an end-state, the Future of Work is a transformational mindset and approach to enable the value-driven outcomes your business depends on. To approach business transformations holistically, leaders need to view them through four critical dimensions.

  5. Bridging Clinical And Financial Gaps With Better IT

    In many hospitals, there are inadvertent disconnects between the clinical and revenue integrity operations. These two groups are separated by the software they use, the language they speak, and their operational goals within the organization that contribute to the overall mission. The disconnect can be physical, as these groups usually occupy separate work areas or may even work remotely or in separate facilities.

  6. 4 Unique Challenges In Healthcare Recruiting

    Recruiting in our current atmosphere of low unemployment is a challenge to begin with. However, recruiting in the healthcare industry which currently boasts a 2.6 percent unemployment rate can be deemed almost impossible by some. In this piece, I set out to tackle the challenges of recruiting in healthcare during a period of record-breaking low unemployment and a new strategy to help meet those challenges.

  7. 4 Coding Changes Likely To Impact Healthcare Practices In 2019

    Medical coding brings consistency to the documentation of treatments, procedures and other care patients receive. Medical coding specialists and other people who handle technical aspects of healthcare and facility management have to stay abreast of upcoming or proposed changes. Here are some of them for providers to keep in mind this year.

  8. Optimizing EMRs To Lessen Administrative Burdens

    Despite the current emphasis on streamlining healthcare delivery, the administrative burdens placed on today’s healthcare providers—physicians, nurses, medical assistants and office staff—are heavier than they have ever been. Between managing diverse information coming into the organization, ensuring it ends up in the right place within the electronic medical record (EMR), correctly capturing every element of a patient encounter, and accurately coding it to support proactive and comprehensive care, providers have a lot of non-clinical tasks on their plates. Amid these competing priorities, they are also expected to deliver a consistent, compassionate patient experience and smoothly handle unexpected situations.

  9. How Revenue Cycle Technology Can Upgrade The Patient Experience

    “We must improve the patient experience.” That statement has become a rallying care in the healthcare industry—and for good reason. In the era of patient consumerism, patients today demand more from their providers than great clinical care alone. In keeping with their other daily activities, they expect convenience and transparency — especially when it comes to the increasingly costly financial side of care.

  10. What's E-Health And How It's Reshaping The Medical Sector

    In the ear where everything is going digitized the healthcare industry is also experiencing e-health with a wide range of activities, scope, and approaches. This is all about exploiting the information and communication technologies in the clinical domain.