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  1. Mobile Messaging In Healthcare: 5 Myths Debunked

    The digital world is constantly evolving and healthcare technology is no different. With reports of some hospital doctors visiting up to 50 patients a day, clinicians are busier than ever. As a result, mobile messaging has become a popular way of communicating within healthcare organizations, as it offers a quick, accessible, and familiar solution that anyone with access to a smartphone can utilize.

  2. How Secure Messaging Platforms Protect Patient Data, Ensure Compliance, And Foster Collaboration

    Patient care requires fast-paced, asynchronous collaboration that ensures quick responses for life-saving decisions. By Galina Datskovsky, CEO of Vaporstream

  3. Cybersecurity Report Shows 320% Increase In Hacking Attacks In 2016

    Ransomware is now a prominent threat to hospitals. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  4. Text Messaging Boosts Patient Engagement, Improves Outcomes

    Texting can keep patients motivated, engaged, and on the road to better health. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  5. AHA Health Forum Releases List Of Most Wired Hospitals

    “Most Wired” hospitals are partnering with other providers to share health data, study found. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  6. 5 Ways Health IT Shackles Physicians

    It seems every week there’s another study documenting the problems physicians have with healthcare IT. The findings invariably are consistent with what the AMA has been saying for the past several years — physicians overwhelmingly dislike EHR systems’ poor usability and interoperability, and resent the extra time they have to spend at the keyboard.

  7. Alarms Continue To Desensitize Docs

    Frequent alarms from medical technology are overloading physicians and leading to situations that could put patients at risk. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  8. Medical Moneyball — What Healthcare Stands To Learn From The Oakland A’s

    With all the talk of Big Data, there are still big questions as to how to most effectively leverage information and data to make a positive impact on healthcare delivery, cost, and outcomes. One health system leader thinks an approach developed by a Major League baseball team might be a game changer.

  9. A Road Map To Accelerating Health IT Value And Innovation

    Health IT is in a state of constant evolution, and it often seems that, for every problem solved, another is created. That’s why it’s vital we stop to assess where the industry stands from time to time, as well as look to the future to determine the best course to take to achieve our collective goals.

  10. $4.3 Billion Invested In Digital HIT In 2015

    While the number of venture capital-funded deals dropped, the average amount rose. By Christine Kern, contributing writer