Featured ACO Articles

  1. One Practice’s Journey To Accountable Care
    This white paper chronicles how New Pueblo Medicine, an independent practice of seven internal medicine physicians based in Arizona, is delivering team-oriented, prevention-focused care with tighter coordination across the continuum of care, while responding to regulatory and compensation pressures and remaining a small independent practice.
  2. White Paper: Healthcare Business Insights: Social Media Strategy For Healthcare Vendors
    This white paper outlines how vendors in the healthcare space are using social networking sites to take relationship building to the next level, resulting in increased qualified leads, and, ultimately, a greater return on marketing investment. By Jennifer Dennard
  3. 7 Tips To Getting Paid For Meaningful Use

    The clock is ticking down for physician practices looking to receive the full incentive for achieving Stage 1 Meaningful Use, but the tips in this white paper can help you get there before the deadline arrives.

  4. EHR Helps Providers Serve The Underserved Patient Population

    The EHR system PrimaryPlus had been using for a number of years wasn’t meeting today’s challenges, let alone future ones regarding coordinated care, accountable care and other quality-based funding initiatives, an aging population, and developing ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010 standards. It needed a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure that would support the health system’s continued growth.

  5. St. John Medical Center Uses A Team Approach To Ensure Successful Implementation Of New Electronic Health Record Initiative

    As new value-based payment models emerge in the healthcare industry, hospitals that demonstrate high-quality, efficient patient care will have a distinct advantage over those organizations that remain mired in unwarranted variation in care processes, unnecessary and duplicative tests, and an inability to coordinate care.

  6. Advocated Illinois Cuts Its Transcription Costs 70%, Driving Further EHR Adoption

    This case study describes how Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center saved more than 70% on outsourced transcription and more than 50% in net transcription costs within the first ten months of installation.

  7. Enabling Collaborative Healthcare Delivery: Care Coordination Strategies With 21st Century Technology
    In 2003, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) identified care coordination as one of its 20 national priorities for quality. Since then, other prominent organizations, such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Commonwealth Fund, the National Quality Forum, and the World Health Organization, have recognized care coordination as a key component for improving healthcare delivery. By Intel
  8. EHR Solution Addresses Quality And Operational Issues At Women’s Healthcare Of Illinois

    This case study from Greenway takes a look at Women’s Healthcare of Illinois, a two-location provider in the Chicago area, providing an array of advanced female medical services. Women’s Healthcare is currently experiencing a number of quality and operational issues that it wanted to address, all of which involved a move from paper charts to electronic health records (EHRs).

  9. Leveraging Big Data And Analytics In Healthcare

    With the cost of mapping an individual human genome poised to break the $1,000 barrier – bringing personalized medicine closer to reality – the healthcare and life sciences industries are now grappling with managing the explosive growth of data.

  10. Get The Most Out Of Going Mobile: Best Practices In mHealth Implementation

    Our population is becoming more mobile on a daily basis, and healthcare professionals are no exception. In fact, the very nature of the healthcare industry makes it ripe for a move to mobile. It also presents special implementation challenges.