Feature Content

  1. 4 Facilities See Revenue Climb To New Heights

    2014 Revenue Cycle Solutions Awards were awarded to three hospitals and one health system for achievements ranging from adding $8.2 million in additional revenue to increasing point-of-service collections $6.1 million. By Karla Paris, contributing writer

  2. Leverage Revenue Cycle Systems To Stop Hemorrhaging Money

    If there’s any application of IT in healthcare that can resonate with CFOs, it’s revenue cycle. By Megan Williams, contributing writer

  3. One-Stop Solution For EHR And Revenue Cycle Management

    Providence Medical Center expects EHR/RCM rollout to help provide high quality patient care while optimizing revenue cycle management. By Karla Paris, contributing writer

  4. CMS Announces Limited Return Of RAC Program

    CMS announced it has resumed recovery audits on a limited basis. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  5. AMA Urges Open Payments Delay

    The American Medical Association, along with more than 100 other groups, is asking CMS to delay the launch of Open Payments. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  6. CMS Issues Final Rules For Inpatient And Hospice Payments

    Final rule for FY 2015 includes a 1.4 percent increase for operating payment rates. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  7. Tear Down Clinical & Financial Silos In Healthcare

    The days of separation between clinical and financial teams in healthcare are gone. Better documentation means better care and a stronger financial story.

  8. Patients’ Demand For Digital Communication Will Continue To Increase

    When was the last time you purchased an airline ticket by calling a carrier or paid a monthly bill with a paper check? In the past two decades, companies from the nation’s largest industries—financial, retail, travel and real estate—have invested significantly in online technology to connect with their customers and conduct transactions.

  9. Critical Access Hospitals Struggle With EHR Implementations

    Rural systems are in need of more resources and better support to catch up to their urban peers. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  10. Majority Of Providers Replacing PM, RCM Systems

    It’s not just EHRs that are being replaced this year; according to a new survey, the majority of providers are shopping for practice management and revenue cycle management software as well. By Katie Wike, contributing writer