HIE Featured Content

  1. Impact Of HIEs Still Unknown

    Research has yet to demonstrate benefits and cost savings attributed to HIE use. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  2. Survey Names Top 4 Specialty HIE Vendors

    A Black Book study provides insight into future HIE spending and expansion. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  3. Government Mandates Complicating HIT

    Healthcare executives believe government mandates are negatively impacting their industry, as well as affecting their HIT strategy. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  4. Private HIEs More Popular Than Public

    According to the latest data from Black Book Rankings, providers are frequently choosing private HIE vendors over public ones. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  5. HIE Data Used To Study Healthcare Of Homeless

    Researchers hope to leverage the study’s results to improve healthcare for the homeless. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  6. Business Continuity Best Practices For Hospitals Affected By M&As

    Last fall, a spate of major merger announcements between hospital systems in the United States was the latest charge in a broader trend of marriages between hospitals and healthcare systems across the country

  7. Is Technology To Blame For Physician Burnout?

    According to a recent Medscape survey, 46% of physicians say they are burned out. How much is the drive towards health IT adoption contributing to this epidemic?

  8. What’s New At HIMSS15?

    The annual HIMSS conference is right around the corner, what should you look for at this year’s events?. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  9. HIEs ‘Making Progress’

    According to a survey conducted by HIMSS, providers believe HIEs improved in several areas including security and physician support. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  10. Georgia HIE Experiences Rapid Growth

    In the past six months, the organization has seen a 450 percent increase in data sources providing information and a 250% increase in system usage. By Julia Ernst, MS, contributing writer