Imprivata (NYSE: IMPR), the healthcare IT security company, is a leading provider of authentication, access management, secure communications, and patient identification solutions for the healthcare industry. Imprivata products address compliance and security challenges while improving provider productivity and the patient experience. For more information, please visit www.imprivata.com.

Imprivata OneSign® offers single sign-on, authentication management and virtual desktop roaming to deliver fast, secure No Click Access® to clinical applications and patient records. By eliminating the need for providers to repeatedly type usernames and passwords, Imprivata OneSign helps keep focus on patient care while also ensuring compliance with security and regulatory requirements. In addition, through tight integration with leading desktop virtualization platforms, Imprivata OneSign enables seamless access to roaming desktops, giving providers access to the systems and information they need at the point of care. Imprivata Cortext® is a secure, clinical communication platform that enables health systems, accountable care organizations, physician practices, long-term care facilities or other healthcare organizations to improve the efficiency of care team coordination.

Imprivata Cortext®, the secure communication platform for healthcare, enables providers to coordinate care within and between healthcare organizations such as hospitals, health systems, ACOs, physician practices or home health agencies. Imprivata Cortext enables healthcare organizations to use a single platform for multi-site communication across their hospital, clinic, rehab center or nursing home. It also improves workflows by eliminating inefficiencies caused by outdated technologies such as pagers. The result is more efficient workflows, and more time spent focusing on patients.

Imprivata Confirm ID™ enables fast, secure signing for EPCS. It is the industry's first comprehensive product to combine two-factor authentication, prescriber enrollment, and identity-proofing in a single solution. This gives providers flexibility in using the two-factor authentication options that best meet their prescribing workflow requirements while also addressing the inefficiencies and potential fraud caused by paper based prescriptions.

Imprivata PatientSecure™ is a positive patient identification solution that creates a 1:1 match between individual patients and their unique medical records to accurately retrieve patients’ digital health records using palm vein biometrics across all points of care. Patients simply place their hand on an easy-to-use palm reader and the Imprivata PatientSecure system matches their unique palm vein patterns to their individual patient record by integrating directly with their healthcare facility’s EMR, ADT, EMPI, and other HIS systems.



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