Honeywell Scanning & Mobility is committed to delivering innovative healthcare solutions designed to improve patient safety, streamline materials management and maximize return on investment. Purpose-built for the healthcare market, our bar code scanning and mobile computing solutions incorporate cutting-edge features such as disinfectant-ready housings and FIPS 140-2 certified encryption. Honeywell Scanning & Mobility has long-standing relationships with industry-leading information systems providers, allowing us to offer fully integrated solutions. With tens of thousands of products installed in healthcare facilities around the world, our dedicated and knowledgeable healthcare team has the expertise needed to help you solve your toughest issues.

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Honeywell Scanning & Mobility is a leading manufacturer of high-performance image-and laser- based data collection hardware, including rugged mobile computers and bar code scanners. Our product portfolio is one of the broadest in the AIDC industry, providing you with solutions for vertical markets such as retail; healthcare; and transportation and logistics. We complement our innovative products with advanced software, service and professional solutions that enable customers to effectively manage data and assets. Honeywell products are sold worldwide through a network of distributor and reseller partners.

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Webinar: Bar Coding's Impact On Patient Safety
Webinar: Patient Check-In In The EHR Era

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Honeywell Scanning & Mobility has developed an iPad App that will contain all HSM marketing collateral, including data sheets, product tours and product videos.  To learn more about the App and to download it, please visit this link.

Honeywell Captuvo SL22h & SL42h: Converged Devices

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Honeywell Captuvo SL22h & SL42h: Device Management

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Honeywell Captuvo SL22h & SL42h: Sealing & Scanning

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Honeywell Captuvo SL22h & SL42h: Beyond Captuvo

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