In a fast-paced, changing industry, we understand that both providers and payors are quickly trying to make sense of their large amounts of data, make improvements to their clinical documentation, and stay ahead of the curve with predictive analytics. All of this requires quick and accurate access to data.

And that's where A2iA comes in. Our award-winning, proven handwriting recognition / data extraction, and document identification / classification software bridges the gap between paper and electronic documentation, and delivers an answer to the hybrid workflow.  Access the most usable information -- regardless of whether it is printed on a form, in columnar format on an EOB, or written in cursive handwriting within a patient's chart.  Our core competencies and differentiators help YOU make sense of the data and achieve business intelligence. 

Backed by an esteemed R&D Team and the world’s largest research center dedicated to complex data extraction and workflow automation, A2iA is able to be proactive in its developments.  And, with these resources at our fingertips, we are able to improve our core, proprietary toolkits based on the needs of our users and today’s changing environment.

A2iA’s technology is tested and proven in the healthcare space to deliver results for meaningful use and compliance, as well as increased productivity for applications like CAC and EOB automation, all while maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy.  By helping to achieve a more streamlined workflow, A2iA provides tangible results to practices and provider’s alike.


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