News | August 13, 2012

Withings' Newest Mobile Application Further Simplifies The Way Any User Can Monitor And improve His Or Her Weight, Physical Activity, Heart And Sleep Quality

Withings, innovators of internet connected devices, announced recently the launch of its new iOS mobile application named Withings Health Companion. This free application is designed to be the ultimate health and wellness application that enables anybody to store, access and manage their weight, physical activity, heart and sleep data on a single user-friendly dashboard.

The Withings application acts as a user's personal health companion and becomes the hub for data collected from a range of internet connected devices or manually by the user. That data is then aggregated onto a simple and easy to use dashboard. The Withings Health & Wellness Cloud makes the app compatible with the Withings WiFi Body Scale, Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, BodyMedia FIT armbands, Zeo Personal Sleep Coach and Runkeeper It also allows Withings users to seamlessly export their weight data to other 60 fitness friendly partner applications.

In addition to collecting and displaying data, this central application gives users a visual representation of their health in the form of a butterfly that is comprised of four colored wings: weight (pink), activity (orange), sleep (blue) and heart (green). These colored 'wings' represent how well users are monitoring their health and also whether the data collected by the health tracking devices show that goals are being met. The wing colors grow and shrink based on the users' data and gives them a quick glance at their comprehensive health without worrying about numbers.

The Withings Health Companion application allows users to:

  • Easily access their weight, activity, heart and sleep data from one centralized dashboard
  • Seamlessly import data from connected devices and apps, including Withings WiFi Body Scale, Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, BodyMedia FIT armbands, Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, and Runkeeper
  • Log data manually for tracking without a connected device
  • Understand what impacts their health and receive tips based on the data collected 
  • Set reminders and weekly achievable goals to monitor progress
  • Visually see their health progress at a glance from the dashboard for a comprehensive view 
  • See historical health charts for each area of data - weight, activity, heart and sleep
  • Share results with physicians, family members, email or other external partners

Cedric Hutchings, Withings CEO and co-founder: “We are really pleased to be launching this new application as it encompasses many of the objectives which we have been working towards as a company. We wanted to offer the world a friendly and effective way to reach a healthier lifestyle. A companion that turns long-term goals into achievable targets, that motivates you to take action for yourself and finally that shows you how healthy you are, without worrying about numbers. We want to position ourselves at the heart of the connected wellness movement and our Health & Wellness Cloud platform has been developed accordingly. With this free and simple to use application Withings demonstrates how technology is now a natural part of everyday life and enables us to achieve a better well-being”.

About Withings
Withings is an innovative company that creates smart products and apps to help people across the world easily take care of their health and well-being. Founded by French executives Cedric Hutchings and Eric Carreel, Withings has been pioneering Health 2.0 since the launch of their first WIFI Body Scale in 2009 and is leading the way of the connected health movement. By extending the capacities of an object through network resources, Withings provides access to infinite computing and storage facility at no extra cost, turning objects into smart connected devices. Since 2009, Withings has extended those benefits to a wide range of lifestyle friendly devices including the Smart Body Scale, the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor and the Smart Baby monitor. By connecting through appliances such as mobile phone and computers and opening up its platform to the Well-being ecosystem, Withings now works seamlessly with over 60 app partners and devices, providing users with a whole new dimension to their day-to-day life. For more information, visit

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