News | March 10, 2014

Upcoming Webinar: Wireless Healthcare Done Right

In our reader survey to identify the top health IT trends for 2014, wireless networking finished as one of the 10 most important IT initiatives for this year. There’s no doubt health providers like you are working diligently to enhance your wireless capabilities to meet the mobile demands of your clinical workforce, but are you going about it the right way? Hospitals and other health facilities have unique mobile requirements that demand a different approach to wireless networking than other enterprises. Health IT Outcomes editor in chief Ken Congdon will be moderating a webinar with Motion Computing at 2 PM ET on 3/19 titled Building A “Clinical-Grade” Wireless Network. This webinar will outline the specific needs of clinical environments and define the proper way to design a wireless network for a healthcare setting. Presenters will also discuss how Barnabas Health benefitted from a unique wireless design approach. If a mobile upgrade is on your radar, you can’t miss this informative webinar.

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