Article | August 14, 2019

Why Mobile Healthcare Service Providers Need Automation Software Now

By Mark Percy, VP of Technology at Field Squared

Automation Software

It’s astounding to reflect on the technological transformation underway across practically every industry. With the proliferation of mobile applications, cloud storage costs continuing to decrease and cutting-edge technology (think augmented reality, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence) making its way into everyday life, now really is the time for industries lagging behind to seriously consider digital transformation.

Being in the field service management and automation space for some time now, I understand the reason mobile healthcare providers, including hospice, home healthcare, nurse visitation services and others, have lagged behind other industries: compliance with stringent regulations such as HIPAA.

Here, I make the case how mobile healthcare service technology is transforming the industry and why now is a crucial time to enable your mobile workforce with field service management automation technology.

Paper-Based Processes Will Be Your Downfall

It sounds dramatic, but at no other point in history has every organization of any size had the same opportunity to analyze their operations from any angle. Technology has made it possible to consolidate operations in all-in-one software solutions that take guess-work out of where mobile healthcare staff is at any given time, what health forms have been completed/started/past-due, or which technician has the inventory of specific equipment.