Guest Column | December 19, 2018

6 Ways Software Test Management Solutions Can Enhance Healthcare Apps

Currently, the healthcare field has extended beyond the mere requirements of healthcare facilities. These healthcare apps require software testing management solutions for smoother operations.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you 6 ways software test management solution can transform global healthcare.

1. Interoperability of Devices

Healthcare encompasses apps and devices that require to connect and interoperate to deliver the essential user experience. The sector has an enormous demand for data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance. There is a requirement for healthcare app testing that includes technical expertise, main time, costs and resources. This has to be done industriously, as it controls business sustainability and also includes compliance issues.

This needs a thought-through QA plan and rigorous testing. These tests are required to be repeated and recorded for compliance and audit purpose. Test automation is applied to develop a strong QA environment and guarantee that each aspect of the app is tested to ensure interoperability.

2. Functional Authentication of the Software

Across healthcare apps and products, it is significant to guarantee that the software is appropriate to deliver the needed service and performance. Let’s take into consideration a hospital app that assists patients to produce reports with a safe log in. The app must be using all the time to deliver the required service exactly.

Software test management solution assists to authenticate business workflows, and take performance measures to guarantee the expected outcome. This is achieved by observing the strategy, application, and implementation of each defined parameter. Therefore, this assists to guarantee the good quality output within shorter development cycles. Quality Assurance further guarantees inclusive coverage across all the setups and scenarios, which assist to achieve complete testing.

3. It Helps to Ensure Protection of Patient Health Information

Healthcare apps contain patient’s confidential data and can lead major breach if the apps are hacked for information. Penetration testing and security testing assist to app sustainable and hack-proof in challenging digital scenario. Authentication and validation of user log-ins, encrypting user data and testing against firewalls are some key measures. Software test management tool is important to guarantee the security of these apps.

Healthcare products and apps must follow stringent healthcare insurance probability and accountability act (HIPAA) instructions that guarantee the protection of the patients’ health information. With effective QA all the data flow across channels must be kept secure. 

4. Big Data testing in Healthcare

Healthcare is an extremely data-intensive sector with loads of patients’ data and health conditions. This data is important for healthcare institutions and associated segments to create an appropriate strategy and develop relevant products. Big data solutions are applied to derive the appropriate data points and interface. It assists in making informed decisions regarding disease cure and drug intervention.

Big data solution must be applied successfully within the organization’s ecosystem. This needs big data testing for seamless implementation, which lead to the desired outcome.

5. User Experience and User Interface Can Be Enhanced Via Usability Testing Method

Usability testing is important in the healthcare sector. There are numerous user scenarios and features that nurses and pharmacists face countless times during the working hours. These tasks can be simplified via automation and adding features that can ease out the tedious process. the user experience and user interface of healthcare devices and apps can also be improved with the required usability testing methods.

6. Effective Productivity and Implementation

Healthcare systems require increased productivity and efficiency to serve patients in an improved manner. Apps are becoming intricate and it is significant to guarantee that they function effectively without any interventions and interruptions. QA guarantees that all the nodes of the app work flawlessly to generate a holistic experience for the users. This guarantees sustainable growth and productivity for the stakeholders in the healthcare segment.

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