Vocera Vina Smartphone App

Source: Vocera Communications

Optimize patient safety.

The hospital environment is complex and constantly changing.

Physicians strive to give concentrated focus to each patient in each moment so they can most effectively make the decisions they are uniquely trained to make. In between, they triage a stream of communication, determining which information is most important and the next action to take.

Nurses need to have eyes and ears everywhere. If a patient’s status declines, a nurse needs to know right away. Sometimes nurses need to focus uninterrupted, as when they’re administering medication or performing critical procedures. Often, they need to communicate in an instant with no time to wait or to waste.

Patient care happens second by second. That’s why patient safety depends on a communication system that is flexible and dynamic, with communication software that allows clinicians to make intervention decisions in real time and communicate instantly.

With the Vocera Vina smartphone app, you can see the most important communications first in an intuitive, customizable experience.