News | April 23, 2024

UTMHealthcare Partners With FirstHx To Improve Medical Outcomes

Hudson, NY (BUSINESS WIRE) - UTMHealthcare, a leading mobile health technology company, today announced a partnership with FirstHx, a clinician-led innovator in AI-powered patient intake solutions, to combine their respective technologies to provide clinicians with a comprehensive view of patient health, thereby improving health outcomes, quality of care, and the patient experience while reducing the administrative burden on our healthcare system.

UTMHealthcare’s Remote Patient Monitoring platform allows patients with chronic diseases to monitor their conditions and transmit real-time diagnostic information to care managers. This allows medical practitioners to adjust treatment on the spot as needed or bring a patient in to be seen, averting complications and hospital admissions.

An accurate medical history is essential to good medical care when patients present at the clinic, medical practice or hospital, and too often the medical history has gaps and omissions that can create harm. FirstHx’s AI-guided history-taking smartphone application allows patients to create a comprehensive medical history that easily integrates with electronic medical record – or EMR – systems.

This partnership between the two firms focuses on combining elements of each technology to create a more precise and complete view of overall patient health, so that clinicians can view an accurate patient-supplied history alongside metrics that measure current health.

“We believe that in working together we can create a medical product that is stronger than the sum of its parts and that can create transformational change in the way care is delivered to patients,” said Seth Lachterman, a partner and co-founder of UTMHealthcare and its parent company, YouThisMe. “We are excited to see how patient care will evolve when clinicians have improved access to patient medical histories supplemented with real-time key clinical indicators.”

“We are excited to collaborate with UTMHealthcare to dramatically improve provider productivity, health outcomes, and the patient experience,” said Chris O’Connor, CEO of FirstHx. “Our precise medical histories, combined with UTM’s real-time patient monitoring data, will enable providers with a more complete view to improve care planning and patient outcomes.”

The parties recently executed a Memorandum of Understanding on this strategic partnership, enabling them to work collaboratively on the development of new products.

About UTMHealthcare
UTMHealthcare is a wholly owned subsidiary of UThisMe, LLC (YouThisMe), developer of a seamless, secure, HIPAA-compliant and simple-to-use remote patient monitoring system that allows patients to remain in their homes while giving providers essential information for managing chronic conditions and avoiding hospital readmissions. For more information, visit

About FirstHx
FirstHx Corp. ( is a pioneer of AI-powered patient intake solutions that streamline the medical history-taking process for patients and providers in Canada, the United States, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). In less than five minutes, the knowledge-based, AI-guided smartphone application allows patients to record their unique medical histories before their visit. The patient history is shared with the healthcare team, which uses the in-depth data insights to inform decisions and prioritize inclusive, patient-centered healthcare. FirstHx’s intelligent platform delivers a faster, more accurate, and more efficient clinical workflow, enabling better outcomes and a convenient patient experience with shorter wait times.

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