Webinar | September 4, 2014

Using People, Process, And An Evidence-Based Framework To Cross The CPOE Adoption Divide

Source: Zynx Health

A regional hospital in eastern Michigan, McLaren Port Huron relied upon an established infrastructure to efficiently upgrade their order sets as a part of the MEDITECH 6.x READY implementation approach. In just 8 months, McLaren Port Huron successfully customized and deployed over 200 evidence-based order sets. Having the correct people and processes in place before the project started further benefited McLaren Port Huron by allowing them to focus on what truly mattered to their organization: driving clinician adoption.

Prior to their go-live, CPOE usage was limited to the Emergency Room and just a handful of people on the floor - despite the fact that their governance methodology had advanced to the point where they could process and launch an order set in less than 72 hours. The leadership team at McLaren Port Huron decided to take action and paired their existing processes with an embedded evidence-based order set solution to drive adoption rates to well over 80%.

As important as processes were to the project, it could not have been successful without the right people involved. Physician champions, interdisciplinary team members, and analysts with clinical backgrounds played key roles in building institutional momentum leading up to the go-live and, critically, sustaining that momentum to create a truly evidence-based culture at McLaren Port Huron.

Join Sara Liter-Kuester, D.O., McLaren Port Huron’s Chief Medical Information Officer, as she shares McLaren Port Huron’s story, including best practices that can be leveraged by other organizations.

Educational Objectives:

By the end of this presentation, participants will:

  • Learn how to build an infrastructure ready to handle process improvement and clinical transformation initiatives
  • Understand the value of standardized evidence-based practice and care guidance to drive performance improvement

Scheduled to participate are:

  • Sara Liter-Kuester, D.O.,Chief Medical Information Officer, McLaren Port Huron

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