News | May 15, 2014

Upcoming Webinar: The Power Of Data: Igniting Meaningful, Scalable, And Sustainable Change

Source: Health Catalyst

By John Haughom, MD, Senior Advisor

May 21st | 1-2 PM ET

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Join Dr. Haughom on his journey to better understand the power of using your data to discover meaningful patterns in data with the potential to make large-scale improvements in quality, safety and efficiency.

Participants will learn:

  • How to unlock and appropriately use data in support of improvement
  • How to make healthcare data more accessible
  • The strength and weaknesses of different data models
  • The importance of automating data distribution
  • A conceptual framework for organizing your thinking and approach to managing the complexity of clinical care
  • Why a pareto analysis is fundamental to prioritize the allocation of precious resources toward the most favorable improvement opportunities

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