UltraLite 200 Affordable Non-Powered Series Mobile Carts

Source: JACO Inc.

UltraLite 200 Affordable Non-Powered Series Mobile Carts

The UltraLite 200 Series is a light, durable, and affordable mobile medical cart solution. Each cart is manufactured out of light weight aircraft-grade aluminum, with a non-porous, anti-microbial powder coat surface for optimal infection control. Our unique tethering system provides power for your laptop or PC.

At JACO, our top priority is helping clinicians deliver care. Our carts are known for quality construction and effortless mobility. The most compact and agile full-featured non-powered computer cart available, JACO’s UltraLite 200 series is flexible enough to handle a wide breadth of needs and strong enough to go the distance. It’s simply reliable.

  • Durable Construction
    Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum design provides up to 10 years of use in a demanding healthcare environment.
  • Lightweight Design
    Starting at under 45lbs, you'll experience just how easy a laptop cart can be to use. With 16" range height adjustment, you can use it either sitting or standing.
  • And more...

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