Case Study

UC Health Reduces Transcription Turnaround Time By 66%, Dramatically Reduces Costs

Source: Nuance Communications

To solve these complex problems, UC Health chose to deploy Dragon Medical 360 | eScription from Nuance Healthcare.

Dragon Medical 360 | eScription employs powerful background speech recognition technology to convert the spoken word to written text from models developed solely from the medical transcription environment. The software interprets and formats dictations in order to transcribe what a clinician intends to be in a document and not necessarily what is said. And the formatted documents are produced in the style approved by each healthcare organization. The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription MT client software makes the editing process fast and efficient with features like shortcut keystrokes and audio speed controls. The MTs’ edits deliver important, automatic feedback that continuously enhances the speech recognition engine, enabling it to provide increasingly better drafts over time.

UC Health had a goal to achieve an increase in transcription productivity and to reduce the cost per line. UC Health evaluated the quality of the first draft documents on two dimensions: content and formatting. The team knew that the fewer edits to content or formatting meant a quicker transcription process.