News Feature | January 9, 2015

Touch Screen Pad Enhances Patient Experience

Julia Ernst

By Julia Ernst, contributing writer

 Population Health Management

The Phreesia touch screen pad will be used by front-desk staff to direct patients and collect co-payments, and can be integrated into the practice’s EMR system.

The South Carolina Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center (SCSM) has implemented Phreesia, an electronic platform that makes the check-in process for patients run more efficiently. Phreesia is a touch screen pad used by patients to complete paperwork, including check-in and consent forms, and financial aspects of the healthcare visit, including insurance verification and electronic co-payment.

Office staff can use the Phreesia Dashboard for similar tasks, including managing payments, directing the flow of patients, and checking insurance information. Phreesia can be incorporated with an office’s EMR system and provides financial analytics.

According to a news release on the implementation, Phreesia is integrated with athenahealth, which means updated demographic and clinical information, in addition to signed consent forms, are automatically exported to athenahealth, saving staff significant time, ensuring accuracy of patient data, and increasing collections.

The PhreesiaPad is used by over 10,000 physicians in more than 52 medical specialties in every state. Phreesia was recently ranked the Number 1 category leader in self-service patient check-in, according to KLAS's “2013 Best in KLAS: Software and Services” report.

Similar to Consumer Reports, KLAS is an independent, third party research organization that monitors vendor performance by surveying and interviewing over 2,500 healthcare providers each month. Scores represent customers' perspectives on specific vendors and solutions, as well as vendors' standing in the industry relative to competitors, according to the news report.

“The check-in experience is time consuming and it can be frustrating to our patients, setting a negative tone for their office visit,” Dawson Cherry, SCSM Practice Manager, said. “The PhreesiaPad lets patients check in quicker and it automatically administers and uploads the necessary consent and HIPAA forms so that they can get to their provider appointment sooner.”

The SCSM offers a range of services, including sports medicine, knee surgery, shoulder surgery, arthroscopic surgery, hand surgery, surgery on upper and lower extremities, reconstructive joint replacement, and surgical and non-operative treatment of the spine. The practice includes physicians and physician assistants.

SOURCE: PR Newswire