News Feature | April 22, 2015

Top 10 Pure Big Data Companies Revealed

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Top 10

A Wikibon report identifies the companies it found are doing the most with Big Data solutions.

Big Data analytics are helping many industries make sense of the seemingly endless stream of information handled every day. From predictive analytics to population health management, healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to Big Data to improve efficiency and outcomes.

Wikibon, a professional community solving technology and business problems through open source sharing of free advisory knowledge, recently completed Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast, 2013-2017, a report identifying the top 10 pure Big Data companies.

While big names like IBM and HP generate large amounts of revenue from Big Data, they are not pure-play Big Data companies. Here are Wikibon’s top five, the rest are available in this Information Management slideshow.

  1. Palintir promotes data fusion platforms and analytics applications. Customers use the solutions for cyber security, disaster preparedness, threat mitigation and more. Wikibon reported that Big Data-related revenues for Palintir were about $418 million in 2013.
  2. Pivotal focuses on Platform as a Service, Big Data and Agile software powered by Cloud Foundry. On the revenue front, Pivotal's Big Data sales were about $300 million in 2013, according to Wikibon.
  3. Splunk specializes in application management and IT operations management, using Big Data tools to help customers listen to their data. Big Data revenues were $283 million in 2013, Wikibon estimates. For its quarter ended July 31, 2014, total revenue was $101.5 million – though losses for the quarter were nearly $61 million.
  4. Mu Sigma is a decision sciences and analytics firm. Big Data revenues were $160 million in 2013, all of which came from consulting services, Wikibon estimates.
  5. Actian has built an analytics platform that runs natively on Hadoop. Key adopters include financial services, healthcare and telecom organizations. Wikibon reported their Big Data revenues were $138 million in 2013. By November 2014, the company launched Actian Analytics Platform – Express Hadoop SQL Edition, a free community edition that attempts to speed ROI for customer adopters.