The Top 10 Health IT Trends For 2013


In an effort to uncover the true IT trends in the provider space, Health IT Outcomes surveyed 183 contacts representing IDNs, hospitals, group practices, and other healthcare facilities to gain first-hand insight into their health IT projects and focus areas for 2013. We used this data as the basis for our top 10 health IT trends for the year. The countdown to these trends begins here. We hope you enjoy and find value in the results.

From The Editor
Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief, Health IT OutcomesYou Choose The Trends, Not The So-Called ‘Experts’
As editor in chief of Health IT Outcomes (HTO), I get fulfillment out of every article we publish, but this annual issue featuring the top 10 health IT trends for the coming year is without question my favorite project. Why? It all comes down to the process we take to determine the trends.

Top 10 Health IT Trends – Survey Results

Top 10 Health IT Trends - 2013 Survey And Methodology

Not surprisingly, EHR Adoption & Meaningful Use tops our list of health IT trends again this year, but as the healthcare landscape becomes more electronic, some interesting new IT initiatives are beginning to emerge.

Top 10 Health IT Trends – Complete 2013 Survey Results

We asked healthcare providers to rank several health IT initiatives in terms of priority in our annual survey. This document outlines how each initiative ranked with our readership, even if they didn’t make the top 10.

Top 10 Health IT Trends – Expert Commentary

1. EHR Adoption Brings The Unexpected
By Jim Tate, President, EMR Advocate
Twitter: @jimtate
6. Putting Patients At The Center Of Improved Outcomes
By Leonard Kish, Writer, Corepoint Health
Twitter: @leonardkish
2. Providers Get Serious About PHI
Erin Harris, Editor, Health IT Outcomes
7. HIE In 2013: Interoperability & Security Paramount
By Linda Stotsky, Healthcare Consultant, LSC Consulting
Twitter: @EMRAnswers
3. 3 Considerations For ICD-10 In 2013
By Steve Sisko, Health IT/ICD-10 Consultant
Twitter: @ShimCode
8. eForms, Automation Move From Luxury To Requirement
By Dave Chase, CEO, Avado
Twitter: @chasedave
4. 2013: Promising mHealth Opportunity
By Britt Libby, Analyst, VDC Research
Twitter: @Britt_Libby
9. Next Generation CDSS: Patient- Centered Workflow
By Barry Chaiken M.D., FHIMSS, CMO of DocsNetwork
Twitter: @bchaiken
5. HIT’s Business Continuity Shortcomings Exposed
By Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief, Health IT Outcomes
Twitter: @KenOnHIT
10. BI & Analytics Tools Will Put The Meaning In Meaningful Use
By Shahid N. Shah, The Healthcare IT Guy
Twitter: @ShahidNShah


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Case Studies

Mobile Carts Move Staff Workflows Right Along
St. Peter’s Health Partners benefits from the improved patient engagement and real-time charting made possible by a new mobile computing cart investment.

EMR Tops List Of Priorities For New Mental Health Practice
A move from paper-based filing to an EMR helps a licensed clinical social worker ensure effective billing and patient care in his solo mental health practice.


Technology Key To Successfully Navigating Medicare Audits

Implementation of audit management technology has helped INTEGRIS Health streamline revenue workflows to achieve a high success rate for audit appeals.