White Paper

The Emergence Of Color Imaging And Its Positive Impact On Caregiver Workflow And Patient Care

Source: Honeywell

Recent innovations in the field of area-imaging technology have led to the development of 2D scanners that are capable of capturing color images. This new functionality will allow hospitals that deploy color imaging scanners to experience significant benefits, including improved caregiver productivity, reduced device acquisition costs, streamlined workflow, minimized occurrence of identity theft/fraud, increased protection against patient privacy violations, reduced instances of Medicare Non-Payment for Performance, and a higher level of protection for bar code scanning investments.

Hospitals all over the world are using 2D scanners to read patient wristbands, medications and materials in the supply chain. With bar code scanners that are capable of color imaging, not only will hospitals be able to read virtually all bar codes, but now, with just one device, they will be able to capture color images as well.

Color imaging provides an advantage for hospitals in that it enhances existing workflow, or, even more importantly, enables workflow that was not possible in the past. For example, many hospitals do not visually document the progression of wounds. With color-capable scanners, caregivers will be able to take a picture of the wound and automatically link it to a patient record, eliminating the ambiguity and time associated with hand-written descriptions.