News Feature | June 9, 2015

Texting Helps Patients Keep Appointments

Katie Wike

By Katie Wike, contributing writer

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A study of Amerigroup Members finds text message reminders improve the likelihood a patient will show up for an annual exam.

Patients who were members of Amerigroup Washington had a unique opportunity when TracFone Lifeline and Connect4health teamed up to offer text message reminders for annual appointments. According to MobiHealth News, 3,500 members who used Connect4health, Voxiva’s health texting program, saw positive results from the program’s reminders.

In fact, those who received text message reminders were three times more likely to attend their annual physical exam within 90 days of receiving text reminders. In addition:

71 percent of Amerigroup users said Connect4health messages helped them remember to go to their doctor

52 percent of Amerigroup users said they learned about Amerigroup plan benefits from Connect4health

36 percent of Amerigroup users said they talked to a doctor or nurse about topics in the messages

“In the busy world that we all live in, any tool that helps remind us of important events like scheduling an annual physical is extremely useful,” said Daryl Edmonds, Amerigroup Washington president in an announcement. “By providing members with tools designed to improve their health outcomes, we are achieving our goal of building healthier generations of Washingtonians.

“The data shows that our members are not only interested in receiving information through text messages, but they are also encouraged by the messages to take actions that improve their health and the health of their families.”

The service reminds patients to schedule appointments for physical exams, preventive screenings, flu shots, and vaccinations. It can also connect patients to services and benefits available to them from Amerigroup.

“The data clearly shows that when individuals have access to a phone with mobile health technology, it will lead to a stronger and healthier life,” said F.J. Pollak, president and CEO of TracFone. “Empowerment over one’s health is a great tool and we are extremely proud of our relationship with both Amerigroup and Voxiva in helping thousands of members take control over their own health.”